Saxophone Squirtle is the Most Important Thing in the NHL Right Now

The intersection of gaming and sports is typically relegated to digital facsimiles, such as your Maddens, your NBA 2Ks, or your ESPN NFL Footballs (haha nah, not that last one). Occasionally, video games intersect with the real thing, and right now, the fate of the Winnipeg Jets rests on the unlikely shoulders of a Pokemon.

The Squirtle Saxophone animation began its humble journey on TikTok in late November, courtesy of the user merme.lada. It depicts the beloved Water-Type turtle jamming on a saxophone to the tune of SunStroke Project’s Run Away. You may better remember this song as the genesis behind 2010’s Epic Sax Guy meme, and if you don’t, you’re probably too young to be reading this article. Maybe go play some Roblox or something, instead.

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