The 5 colony sims coming in 2024 I’m most looking forward to

For evil and benevolent overlords of RimWorld, Dwarf Fortress, Stranded: Alien Dawn, and other great colony simulation games, there’s some great news as we kick off 2024. I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from the intricacies and drama of managing your settlements, but there’s a wave of cool-looking colony sims headed our way you should know about.

The colony sims coming in 2024 have a lot of variation between them, whether you want to manage a settlement in the post-apocalypse, keep your kingdom prosperous in medieval times, or guide a primitive tribe through the stone age. Here are the 5 colony sims that look really promising coming this year.


Developer: Long Jaunt
Release date: TBA

Technically Norland hasn’t announced a 2024 release, though a January early access launch was mentioned in a recent post on Steam. I sure hope it’s out soon: it looks like an amazing blend of Crusader Kings’ medieval drama and RimWorld’s survival sandbox, which makes Norland my most-wanted colony sim of the year. Fraser certainly had a whale of a time with it when he played a build a few months ago, so hopefully the rest of us won’t have to wait much longer.

Ascent of Ashes

Developer: Vivid Storm Interactive
Release date: Q1 2024

I’ve had my eye on Ascent of Ashes for a while because it’s being developed by the modding team who created the Combat Extended mod for RimWorld. Survive raiders, alien creatures, and other dangers by establishing, managing, and growing your colony in the post-apocalypse. As expected, the combat looks excellent, but so does everything else.

Endzone 2

Developer: Gentlymad Studios
Release date: Q1 2024

There’s even more post-apocalyptic survival headed our way in Endzone 2. Stake a claim in the badlands, grow and protect your settlement, set up trade routes, and make expeditions to explore and exploit the hostile, sandstorm-blasted landscape. It looks both bigger and better than the original Endzone.

Ages of Cataria

Developer: Third Pie Studios
Release date: Q1 2024

Ages of Cataria looks like a sweeter, kinder, and gentler colony sim than most others as you manage a growing settlement in a colorful fantasy world. Get to know your colonists, learn their stories, and increase their skills with tasks and minigames. Just because it’s cozy doesn’t mean there’s not a bit of heartbreak, though: your villagers will grow and age and eventually die, to be replaced by new generations.

Primitive Society Simulator

Developer: YSH BigDove
Release date: Q1 204

You’re really starting from scratch in Primitive Society Simulator. Lead a small tribe as they hunt, fish, explore, and build a rudimentary society. Tame wild animals and put them to work on farms, advance from stone tools into the bronze age, and ensure the tribe’s children have enough nourishment to grow stronger and smarter than their ancestors.

More colony sims in 2024 & beyond:

That’s not all—here’s another handful of interesting-looking colony building games on the horizon:

The Settlings | Ariano | Release TBA
A little bit Lemmings, a little bit settlement builder, with a great retro pixel art look.

Infection Free Zone | Jutsu Games | Release TBA
Build a survival colony on a real-world map, and protect it against raiders and zombie hordes.

Fata Deum | 42 Bits Entertainment | 2024
A throwback to god games of yore. Guide your colony while competing with other gods for influence.

Time to Morp | Team Halfbeard | Q1 2024
This time your colony isn’t made of people but adorable, gatherable critters.

Night is Coming | Wild Forest Studio | Release TBA
Build during the day and hang on tight at night: monsters from Slavic folklore appear every time the sun goes down. 

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