How To Romance Cassia in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

Learn how to romance Cassia in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader!

Warhammer was a tabletop game that came out from Games Workshop in the 80s and has since grown to be one of the most popular franchises in fantasy/science fiction. Warhammer has been able to touch all branches of gaming over the decades, and fans have gotten everything from first-person shooters to VR games.

One recent Warhammer title that just launched is Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, and it’s a very lore-driven RPG set in the Koronus Expanse of the 40K universe. As the Rogue Trader, it will be up to you to explore, trade, and conquer for the hegemonic Imperium of Man.

Rogue Trader is mainly a tactical game and will have you and a party of friends with special abilities going into dungeons and taking out anyone who stands against the Imperium. Though the gameplay takes a while to get used to, the game has been applauded for its story.

Besides having to play the main quest of recovering the Koronus Expanse for the Imperium, the game also allows you to romance different characters in the game. You can even romance more than one at the same time.

Cassia is one character that has caught the eye of many players, and there is a guide on how to romance her successfully in Rogue Trader.

Who is Cassia?

Cassia Orsellio is one of the first members you can recruit for your crew early in the game, and she plays the role of Navigator in your party.

Lore-wise, she is a scion of House Orsellio of the Navis Nobilite, a faction active at the Koronus Expanse for centuries. Despite being connected to a house, Cassia is unaware of who her parents are and was raised secretly on a space station. Despite this, she is considered incredibly important to her people, but it doesn’t help that she has been trapped like a bird in a cage who barely knows anything about the wider world.

When you meet her, Cassia is kind of lost at what to do with herself. Still, she has studied hard to become a navigator, and you’ll also discover that she loves reading and will be all over your library when you interact with her.

Cassia is also not necessarily human, and she has longer limbs than the usual person. She also has red eyes and has the power to activate her special third eye.

How to Romance Cassia in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

First, you will have to pick a male character to make sure you can romance her.

You recruit her when you complete the Secrets of the Navis Nobilite test (which itself is also part of the Looking for Trouble quest). It’s fairly easy to convince Cassia to join your voidship; whatever you tell her, she will end up coming with you.

When you finish the mission, you can talk to Cassia on the deck; she stays around the southern part of the map. When it comes to Cassia, it’s said that you have to prioritize yourself before her job as your navigator. The dialogue options you need to choose to romance her are as follows:

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Sorry, Cassia, but I would like to know more about you personally, not your family.”

“Your third eye — do you always conceal it?”

“You are beautiful, Cassia. Do not let anyone or anything convince you otherwise.”

“I would not date to make fun of a lady’s feelings, especially not one who has captivated me since I first set eyes on her.”

When you finish the dialogue with her, the conversation will then allow you to say, “Why don’t we talk about something else?” then one of the first options, after you pick that, is, “Let’s talk about us shall we?” which will indicate that you already have a romantic relationship with her.

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What is the Best Gift Can You Offer Cassia?

If you’ve been paying attention to the dialogue besides just clicking on the options the guide tells you to choose, you’ll know that Cassia loves books. You’ll notice that she will be hiding one of your books when you’re talking to her, and she will share things about going around your library.

So, what better gift to give her than her book collection?

To grant Cassia her library, there will be an option in the game where you can talk to her about gifts, and one of the options is to give her a library. But you must remember, getting her a bunch of books isn’t enough to romance her completely.

Since Cassia is said to have had a rough upbringing, being raised in secret, it would do a lot for the character if you would show her a lot of support. That’s why it’s necessary to also give her a lot of compliments about her appearance and powers (i.e., “You are beautiful, Cassia. Do not let anyone or anything convince you otherwise”)

In Chapter 2, there is also a dialogue option where you can send birds to Cassia’s quarters. It’s said that deepening your bond with her is necessary, so make sure to do that.  

Story-wise, it connects to the metaphor of Cassia herself being a bird locked in a cage, so it would be a significant gesture for her if you sent her some actual birds to her room.

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