Ducky has released a limited edition Doom keyboard but I can’t help but feel it’s missed the mark

We’ve been fans of Ducky keyboards for a while here at PC Gamer, and beyond the fantastic build quality and the delightful naming schemes, one thing the company is normally pretty good at is nailing the visuals. From the super-pink and super-wonderful Ducky One 3 Fuji through to the subtle RGB of the Ducky Shine 5 RGB, we’ve delighted at Ducky’s refusal to adopt a stereotypical gamer aesthetic. However, it’s just released the limited edition Ducky x Doom SF 65% keyboard, and if I’m honest, it’s just not doing it for me.

When I first saw pictures of the keeb in question, I squinted. What at first looked like some kind of odd tie dye design revealed itself under zoom to be the Doom marine, mid rip and tear, in an iconic image all gamers have become familiar with. 

However (and I don’t know if it’s just the photos here), all that detail seems to have transformed in the printing process into something my eye just refuses to parse properly.

Good design is often clean, and that’s something Ducky has been rather good at over the years. However, taking a detailed image and stretching it out over those keycaps has resulted in something far more psychedelic than perhaps the company intended, although it may end up looking much better in person. 

Things seem to take a further turn for the worse with the RGB backlighting enabled, as that just breaks up the visual flow even further. It’s an odd clash of aesthetics, and one that just doesn’t float my boat.

Still, taste is subjective, and if Doom and all things Doom-related are your jam then perhaps this might be the keeb for you. Ducky says it’ll be releasing just 666 (get it?) of these Bethesda-licensed keyboards, and at the very least the mechanics should be on point.

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The board features Ducky’s true PBT keycaps, a choice of hot-swappable switches, multiple layers of acoustic padding and three-level adjustable feet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it felt just as fantastic as the other Ducky keyboards we’ve tested. 

It’s just a shame about that printed design, although it may be just the thing for Doom aficionados or someone looking for something a bit different to set off an esoteric gaming rig. It takes all sorts, so the saying goes, and some of those sorts are sure to love it.

For me I’ll stick to the regular models for now, so I guess you can just call me Captain Boring. I’ll be honest, you wouldn’t be the first.

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