Unhinged Sims 4 player keeps making hidden village bunkers ‘for capturing and storing’ sims

If I ever needed more evidence that Build Mode and Live Mode players of The Sims are built different, this is it. Sims player Kewlcy has exemplified a Live Mode sicko by building not just one underground kidnapping bunker but an entire hidden city “for capturing and storing men.”

It all seems to have started back in 2022 with just a single house. Underneath that house was a ’50s-inspired secret bunker hidden behind multiple long hallways and locked security doors. Those doors were locked from the outside, of course, so that Kewlcy’s amateur abductress witch sim could lure random passersby and trap them in the uncanny white picket fence cell.

And then Kewlcy just kept building bunkers, apparently.

Note some objects are misplaced because I don’t own all the DLC packs Kewlcy used for the build. (Image credit: Electronic Arts, build by Kewlcy)

Since then she’s built a farmhouse with a secret luxury bunker, a small suburban street with a shared secret bunker inspired by the TV series The OA, and a prison bunker hidden under a snowy cottage too. Most recently, Kewlcy took on an even more ambitious bunker build that took multiple months: an entire hidden mini city bunker

There’s a gym, a laundromat, a bookstore, and a movie theater for all the captives to share. There’s also a quaint little street with seven tiny houses and a central street with fake cars and a park area too. It’s got serious Vault-Tec vibes, and not just because of the mid-century decor. We all know plenty of Fallout’s citizens didn’t know precisely what they were signing up for with life underground.

Kewlcy also mentions the Meow Wolf explorable art exhibition Convergence Station as inspiration in one video, and having been to Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart experience in Las Vegas myself, the surreal underground city experience is definitely coming through. 

Rather than creating a family to live in the bunker, it looks like Kewlcy attracts local Sims to these underground vaults and locks them inside. That means she’s got no control over their actions and really is just watching them like a bunch of human ants in a terrarium.


♬ Solas X Interstellar – Gabriel Albuquerqüe

Why, though? For Kewlcy’s witch sim, her captives were drafted as free childcare. Other players commenting on her videos have suggested that the city would serve as a perfect human livestock storage for vampire sims. Take your pick of psychological crimes.

Now before you get freaked out and declare this an unprecedented act of deviancy, this is the same game where one of the most popular community challenges is forcing a sim to birth and raise 100 babies—a more abstract form of captivity but a life sentence nevertheless—so this is barely above average on the scale of serial killer shit that Sims plays get up to.

For those of you out there that are also Live Mode weirdos, Kewlcy’s bunkers are on the Sims 4 gallery under the username “sweetpeaches119” so you can download and play with them yourself. She does tend to use objects from a lot of different DLC packs, and the metal jail gates used in a few builds are specifically from the Get To Work expansion.

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