Learn how to save your progress in Born of Bread!

Born of Bread is a charming adventure RPG starring a sentient dough named Loaf. Trouble is brewing in the kingdom where Loaf was accidentally created. Evil forces from a different time are spreading discord across the land. It’s up to Loaf and his merry friends to stop their cruel subjugation and save the world.

One look at the WildArts Studio game’s active turn-based combat system and cheery 2.5D aesthetics, and you’ll be reminded of the classic Paper Mario games. But while the popular series provides save points in a colorful block, Born of Bread has a different way of recording your game state. So, here’s how to ensure your progress is not lost in the game.

The Game Has an Autosave Function

First, remember that the game automatically records the first five to ten minutes of your gameplay. After being thrown out of the castle by the villains, Loaf, and his maker/father, Papa Baker lands in the forest nearby. You may notice a pink floppy disk bouncing on the bottom right part of the screen. This indicates that your progress is being saved. 

Note that you will have to rely on auto-saving for quite a while. You can only gain the ability to save after returning to the town and meeting some important characters who will aid you on your quest.

How to Manually Save

Manual saving can be unlocked once you get introduced to the Saver’s Guild, an adventurer’s guild located at the center of the town. One of the guild’s members is called Dub, a starry-eyed purple dragon with a penchant for live-streaming. Dub will tag along to record your progress. Additionally, he’ll offer to broadcast your battles to gain support and extra Will Points (WP) from your viewers.

After getting acquainted with Dub, you can now finally save your game. Watch for Flashing Pink Balloons with an “SG” mark. Interact with them, and Dub will ask if you want to update your quest log. These balloons are usually found in various locations or near important landmarks. 


Born of Bread is a lighthearted game about an unlikely hero on a quest to save the world. There’s no doubt that it could scratch your much-needed Paper Mario itch. The game has some familiar elements you’ll usually find in an RPG. However, some of its features are distinct from its main inspirations. Gaining the ability to save will require you to keep playing until you finish some of the game’s introductory sequences. Dub will gladly assist you in recording your progress so you can quit the game and pick up where you left off anytime you like!

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