Where to find Peyote Plants in GTA Online

GTA Online Peyote Plants are recurring items which add a twist to your time in Los Santos. These small cacti grow in numerous places all around the map and eating one turns you into an animal, allowing you to play as a random critter or sea creature as you go about your daily business.

Peyote Plants have returned to GTA Online for a short time and they often coincide with other events. Before you go dashing off to start collecting them, just be aware that there is no reward for finding them all, and they will respawn 24 hours after you pick them—assuming they are still in the game at that point. With that in mind, here are the GTA Online Peyote Plant locations so you’re ready when they show up in San Andreas.

GTA Online Peyote Plant locations 

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Peyote Plants are small green bulb-like cacti with a white flower on top. You don’t need to unlock anything to find them, they are available to anyone with access to GTA Online. Just bear in mind that, as mentioned above, they come and go from the game every so often, so make sure they’re currently in game before you go searching for them.

If you normally play with a keyboard and mouse, it might be worth switching to a controller temporarily if you’re determined to hunt down Peyote Plants. The controller will vibrate when you get close to one, so it can help you pinpoint their exact location when you reach an area.

Once you’ve found a Peyote Plant, you’ll get a prompt to eat it. When you do, you will start hallucinating and pass out, causing the screen to go black. When you come to, you’ll have transformed into a random animal—though the type you change into will depend on where you find the plant. Once you’ve spawned as an animal, check the controls in the top left corner of your screen because they’ll be different depending on which creature you are. Happy hunting!

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