Goddess of Victory Nikke’s Latest Event Gives Its Most Popular Character a Proper Backstory

New Year is a time where people reflect as well as look to what lies ahead. So, when Shift Up revealed that Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s latest event would feature the wandering swordslady Scarlet, it was kismet. She’s someone that’s been through the ringer in terms of the horrors of war and loss. Yet somehow, Scarlet perseveres those demons. In fact, her handling of tragedy as a character is so unique that it may just make her the most complex character in Nikke. Like a New Year’s sun, she continues to rise.

Credit to Shift Up

As one of the original Nikkes by game lore, Scarlet has existed for many sunsets, having been there when the Raptures first invaded Earth. Humans created Nikkes in order to combat these creatures and save themselves from doom. Who would know that the present-day happy-go-lucky Scarlet was once on the front lines of battles against these horrific monsters? Certainly not the Protagonist as they break bread and farm together. Her past is the same as the roots of her plants – it goes deep and all over.

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