10 Most Adorable Ghost Type Pokemon That Are Too Cute For Spook

Ghost Type Pokemon often get a reputation for being the creepiest and most disturbing ‘Mons of the franchise, containing dark backstories or scary design elements. However, there are some Ghost Type Pokemon that are just as cute, if not more so than any other ‘Mon around. These little ghosties deserve some more attention, and we’ve caught 10 of the cutest specimens among them all.


Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Look at this smol guy, how could a cute little pumpkin ever be anything other than absolutely adorable? Pumpkaboo may be a Ghost Type Pokemon, but this critter is definitely one of the most endearing species among them. Just look at those blank yellow eyes and the tiny fangs that point from its mouth. I don’t know about you, but I’d let this orange, Halloween-ish buddy befriend me and follow me around any day!

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