Indulge in the Sins of the Flesh in Cult of the Lamb’s next free update, out Jan 16

Sins of the Flesh is the next update for our darkly cute cult sim Cult of the Lamb, and it’s the biggest yet. As well as a shrine-load of killer new content and a congregation of quality of life improvements, a deliciously evil new resource has been thrown into the macabre mix: Sin. But how do you generate it? Well, by sinning.

The free Sins of the Flesh update adds a selection of decadent new structures to Cult of the Lamb, which when built in your base and enjoyed by you and your followers will reward your cult with lashings of delectable, so-wrong-it’s-right Sin.

Take the Drinkhouse, for example. Here a follower can volunteer to mix up drinks and serve them to your thirsty cultists. Terrifying treats on the menu include Brog Brew, Grape Nectar, Eggnog, and, uh, Poop Juice. Tasty! Imbibing these sugary beverages at the Drinkhouse has a risk of befuddling your followers, but every dubious drink they hurl down their adorable necks will generate sweet, sweet Sin.

You can also form a devilish Drum Circle with your followers, which will let you take part in Sins of the Flesh’s all-new rhythm-based minigame. The better your performance, the more Sin you’ll get in return. You’ve heard of Rock Band… this is Flock Band.

But let’s be honest: the real star of the update is the Mating Tent. If two of your followers are into each other, and have a sufficiently high love match, you’ll be able to send them into the tent together. A few seconds later they’ll emerge with an egg, which can either be harvested for food or, best of all, hatched into a tiny new follower. This dinky disciple will share some traits with its parents, and its birth can generate Sin.

Gather enough Sin and you can perform a series of new Rituals, including the free-spirited Rite of Lust. This will cause your followers to cast their robes aside and dance merrily around a flowery shrine. But if it’s chaos you desire, the new Rite of Wrath ritual might be more your speed. This unleashes a fury of violence, with fighting, killing, vandalism, and other scenes of havoc gripping your base.

This is just a brief, tantalizing taste of what you can do with Sin. There are other dark deeds to discover in the Sins of the Flesh update, including a selection of new Sin-based Doctrines and a troubling new food source that is not for the weak of heart—or weak of stomach. You can discover this, and more, for yourself (if you dare) when Sins of the Flesh launches for PS4 and PS5 on January 16.

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