Elon Musk spent the holidays grinding Diablo 4 and leeching XP from its most popular streamers

While X continues to spiral in relevancy, its owner Elon Musk spent the holidays grinding Diablo 4’s hardest dungeon and even teamed up with its most popular streamers for some help.

“Christmas Eve I spent 17 hours on Diablo,” Musk said while guesting on Diablo streamer Wudijo’s stream a few weeks ago. Musk was too embarrassed to say what all that grinding amounted to in regards to his seasonal glyph level, but he assured Wudijo that it was high enough to survive tier 24 (of 25) of the Abattoir of Zir dungeon. “I don’t have any excuses except myself.”

For some context: Musk is playing a poison shred Druid, one of the weakest builds for clearing out all the enemies and bosses packed into the early tiers of the Abattoir of Zir. To reach tiers above 20, you need to spend hours and hours grinding the lower ones to gain enough power from the Tears of Blood glyph to beat the dungeon’s strict 10-minute timer. He must’ve spent many 17-hour days playing Diablo 4—or talked other players into letting him leech XP—to have a glyph strong enough to do tier 24.

Musk doesn’t have anything particularly interesting to say about Diablo 4 other than that he’s playing it in Wudijo’s video of the collaboration—this is the man who mained Soldier: 76, the most vanilla hero in Overwatch, mind you. It’s 12 minutes of one of the richest men in the world explaining his build to one of the lead writers of the biggest Diablo guide website, Maxroll, and quoting a meme about Barbarians as if he came up with it himself, which Wudijo unintentionally shot down by replying with, “I saw that meme as well, I posted it.”

Last week, Musk joined Rob2628, another popular Diablo streamer and probably one of the best Barbarian players in the world, to co-op through tier 25. Musk streamed the run himself on X and answered questions about streaming on the platform. In one run, while Rob2628 casually theorizes how to speedrun tier 25, Musk steers his druid straight into a barrage of nasty AoE attacks from the final bosses and fails the run. Rob2628, a player who has spent the last several weeks training in the Abattoir of Zir, jokingly tells Musk that he’ll stop talking to avoid distracting him. And it worked: Musk conquered one of the few challenges in his life and finished a tier 25 in just over six minutes with Rob2628’s help.

It was only a couple months ago that Musk was having a fit about not being able to defeat Uber Lilith in Diablo 4 on his Druid. But just like his time playing in Quake tournaments, Musk went and found much better players to carry him to the top.

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