Rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger just got a free DLC with music from FPS favorite Dusk

We seriously dug 2022’s headbanging shooter Metal: Hellsinger, and that rhythm based FPS just got some love from its boomer shooter brethren by way of a free DLC featuring nine tracks from Andrew Hulshult’s excellent Dusk soundtrack.

A musical DLC is a much bigger deal than it might sound given Metal: Hellsinger’s rhythm-based gameplay. Similar to this year’s Hi-Fi Rush, your score and combos all depend on shooting and dodging to the beat. While Kaile Hultner found Metal: Hellsinger’s story a bit of a drag in their review for PC Gamer, they still had praise for “the quality of its soundtrack and its slower, more deliberate gameplay.”

And Hulshult’s Dusk soundtrack looks like a great fit for that gameplay⁠—it’s music to lift weights or punch drywall to, with chunky riffs that pair perfectly with shotgun blasts on the beat. New Blood’s trailer for the add-on is pretty convincing, but you can test out Dusk’s soundtrack in Metal Hellsinger for yourself right now.

Dusk recently saw the release of its long-promised “HD” update, which is more like a charming alternate artstyle for the game. As my colleague Noa Smith recently put it in their feature on the year in boomer shooters, “Dusk got a kickass new visual overhaul that drags it from 1997 to 2004.”

So whether you want to enjoy Hulshult’s OST in Dusk or Metal: Hellsinger, you’re in for a good time⁠—it’s heartening to see both games get continued support and updates this far out from their respective releases. You can nab both games together in a 10% off bundle on Steam.

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