Here’s the full trailer for FF14 Dawntrail, including an adorable chinchilla

Square Enix has debuted a full trailer for Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming expansion Dawntrail at Final Fantasy Fan Festival 2024. The trailer shows off a look at the new world continent and its inhabitants interacting with a diverse lineup of FF14 classics.

The trailer is dominated by the generic player-stand-in Adventurer journeying towards the new continent of Tural alongside others, including a soon-to-be-playable female Hrothgar, and doing battle with a huge two-headed lizard-like Mamool Ja creature. Other scenes sweep through a sprawling city alive with strange new creatures and familiar ones not seen before in these numbers.

Dominating the environment of the trailer are lizard-like Mamool Ja, a tribe that has been around FF14 for a long time now but only as mercenaries far from home. The Dawntrail expansion will take players to the continent that the Mamool Ja call home, and presumably explore their home nation(s).

However, I must note that above all else this trailer includes an extended sequence of a chinchilla doing cute stuff. Stealing a peanut.  Sitting on a shoulder. Running around. Making someone smile. Merely existing.

You can watch the Dawntrail trailer above or on Youtube.

Anyway, I’m going to go watch videos of Chinchillas taking dust baths now.

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