ASRock tears it up with new 520Hz and 400Hz gaming monitors

ASRock has announced a pair of new ultra-fast LCD gaming monitors for CES, one hitting 520Hz the other 400Hz.

It’s arguably the latter that’s most intriguing, combining that 400Hz refresh as it does with 1440p resolution via a 27-inch IPS panel. That’s the ASRock Phantom Gaming PG27QFW2A.

The other model is the ASRock Phantom Gaming PG27FFX2A, another 27 incher but this time running at fully 520Hz. Frustratingly, ASRock is providing no further details for now. But as ASRock singles out the PG27QFW2A as offering 1440p resolution, the implication is that the PG27FFX2A is not 1440p and given the 520Hz refresh is therefore likely a 1080p model.

Anyway, pencil us in for that 400Hz 1440p’er, it sounds like a lot of fun. Speaking of which, ASRock also has some OLED gaming fun for CES, too, in the shape of another pair of gaming monitors.

ASRock says the two new gaming models deliver QHD resolution and run at 240Hz and will be their first to offer OLED tech. Known as the Phantom Gaming PGO34QRT2A and Phantom Gaming GO27QFS2A respectively, ASRock has again been very light on the details. But going on the product names, we’re likely looking at a 27-inch 2,560 by 1,440 model and a 34-inch ultrawide 3,440 by 1,440 option.

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It’s not clear if ASRock is using LG WOLED or Samsung QD-OLED panel tech, but our guess would be the former purely because LG’s panel have thus far been more widely used. Consequently, details like full screen brightness and subpixel structure remain unknown, as does pricing and availability dates.

That said, ASRock products tend to be keenly priced while offering decent performance. That definitely applies to the ASRock Phantom PG34WQ15R2B, which remains one of the best value ultrawide gaming panels out there.

So, we’re hopeful that ASRock can bring the same value-orientated experience to the OLED monitor market. We could do with some more affordable options. Dare we hope for something in the $600 to $700 range? Fingers crossed.

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