How To Use Silo and Auto Feeder in Coral Island

Coral Island, a tropical farming simulation game from Stairway Games, aims to differentiate itself from the competition by strongly emphasizing inclusivity and diversity. Along with many other things, it involves exploration, underwater diving, pollution cleanup, and other activities that will help Coral Island recover and eventually address the immediate threat present from Pufferfish Drilling Corporation.

Efficiency and care are paramount in the game when tending to your farm. For this, utilizing the Silo and Auto Feeder is essential for maintaining a thriving and well-managed farmstead. In this guide, we will discuss how to use the Silo and the Auto Feeder in the game.

Understanding the intricacies of these vital tools is important to optimizing your agricultural endeavors. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking clarity or a seasoned player aiming to enhance your farming techniques, let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of these indispensable assets together!

How to Use the Silo

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The Silo is a structure that the player can build on their farm for a single purpose: to store Hay. The player can use Hay for crafting or to feed animals. The player can store up to 300 pieces of Hay in a single Silo structure. This means that every silo that the player constructs can hold an extra 300 pieces of Hay.

The player can manually add Hay to a Silo by interacting with it and putting Hay from the player’s inventory. To remove Hay, the player can use the hoppers in barns and coops to feed animals.

How to Get

To get a Silo, the player can buy it from the Carpenter. This is situated in the Hillside area, the little area centered east by the Forest and west by the Woodlands. To buy a Silo from the Carpenter, the player must exchange 20 pieces of Scrap, 300 pieces of Stone, two pieces of Resin, and 2,500 Coral Coins.

After buying a Silo from the Carpenter, the player can then select an empty 3×3 space on their farm to place the Silo. Building a Silo takes two in-game days. After construction is finished, the player can now use the Silo to store Hay for coops and barns.

The player can also destroy or move a Silo by choosing the ‘Edit Farm Buildings’ option at the Carpenter. It is essential to remember that the player should first take out their Hay before moving their Silo to a different 3×3 spot. If not, all of the player’s Hay inside a Silo will disappear if that Silo is moved.

How to Use the Auto Feeder

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The Auto Feeder is a piece of equipment that automatically moves Hay from the player’s Silo to the feeder in the player’s coop or barn. With this, as its name implies, this equipment will automatically put Hay on the feed trough where the Auto Feeder is placed. Because of this, the Auto Feeder depends on the player’s Silo to have Hay stored in them.

The installation location of the Auto Feeder is always on the wall above the feed trough. This is as opposed to other ranching equipment the player can install anywhere. When the player holds an Auto Feeder, a red outline will appear above the barn or coop feed trough.

The player must place the Auto Feeder in this red area. The red-marked area will change to green when the player is near the red marking. Also, in contrast to other ranching equipment, the Auto Feeder begins working the day it is installed. The player will not be able to uninstall the Auto Feeder.

The Auto Feeder will fill all Hay spots despite the number of animals in the barn or coop. This is based on the level of whichever of the player’s barns or coops the Auto Feeder is placed. Because of this, the player may lose a few unused Hay as the animals in the barn or coop will only eat their portion of Hay. When the player is low or runs out of Hay, the text will appear above the Auto Feeder, informing the player that the Hay is running low.

How to Get

Before the player can get an Auto Feeder, the player must first reach a Town Rank of D. This rank is two ranks above the starting Town Rank. To raise the Town Rank, the player must accumulate points through performing ranked activities, like donating to the Museum or making offerings in the Lake Temple. To reach Town Rank D, the player must accumulate 700 points after reaching Town Rank E. This means the player must have 1,101 points to reach Town Rank D.

Once the player has reached a Town Ranking of D, the player must now develop the Auto Feeder. Upon doing so, the player will get the blueprint for the Auto Feeder. To develop the Auto Feeder, the player must have the necessary materials. For this, the player must have two pieces of Battery, five pieces of Silver Kelp Essence, 100 pieces of Scrap, 20 pieces of Hay, and 15,000 Coral Coins

Once the player has all the requirements, the player must head to the laboratory. This is located in the eastern part of the map of Coral Island on the west of Socket Electronics and the Furniture Store or on the northeast of the Community Center. The player must interact with the counter and select the ‘Develop Equipment’ option. Next, the player must now select the Auto Feeder.

After the player has developed the Auto Feeder, the player can now craft one. For this, the player must have one piece of Battery, three pieces of Silver Kelp Essence, 20 pieces of Hay, and 50 pieces of Scrap. To start crafting an Auto Feeder, the player must head to the Crafting Menu and select the Auto Feeder.

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As mentioned above, the player can store Hay in Silos and use them to automatically feed animals in the player’s coop or barn using the Auto Feeder. If farm animals are fed and maintained, they can give the player resources to sell or process into artisan products. 

Additionally, the player can also use Hay to craft items. The following are the products that the player can craft with Hay as one of the requirements: the Auto Feeder, a Coral Hero Scarecrow, a Hay Arch, a Hay Chest, a Hay Fence, a Hay Floor Tile, a Hay Gate, a Hay Sign, a Mummy Scarecrow, an Undead Scarecrow, and a Walnutcracker Scarecrow.

The player can also give Hay to other characters as a gift. However, a lot of characters in the game hate hay: Aaliyah, Alice, Anne, Antonio, Archie, Ben, Betty, Bree, Chaem, Charles, Chieftain, Connor, Dinda, Dippa, Eleanor, Emily, Emma, Erika, Eva, Frank, Giu, Gong, Grog, Groo, Jack, Jim, Joko, Kenny, Kira, Leah, Lily, Ling, Luke, Macy, Mark, Millie, Nina, Noah, Oliver, Pablo, Paul, Rafael, Raj, Randy, Ratih, Sam, Scott, Suki, Sunny, Surya, Theo, Valentina, Wakuu, Walter, Wataru, Yuri, Zarah, and Zoe.

How to Get

There are several ways to obtain Hay in Coral Island. This includes destroying the breakable boxes around the map. These methods are the following:

Grass and Weeds

One of the ways to get Hay is through cutting grass and weeds in the game using a Scythe. The Scythe is a tool the player can use to harvest crops and remove trash around the map and underwater, aside from cutting weeds and grass. If the Scythe successfully hits debris or cuttable grass, it will use up three of the player’s energy per hit. If the swing does not hit anything, the Scythe will not use up any of the player’s energy. 

When fully charged, the player can upgrade the Scythe to increase its swing distance, damage capabilities, and enchantment slots. To upgrade this tool, the player must bring the requirements for each upgrade to the Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith. This is located in the northern part of the map of Coral Island. To be exact, this is south of the Starlet Elementary School. This is also northwest of the Pufferfish Drilling Corp Office.


Another way to acquire Hay is by converting a couple of pieces of Fiber using a Dehydrator. For a single piece of Hay, the player needs two pieces of Fiber and a Dehydrator. Converting the pieces of Fiber to Hay only takes up to 2 in-game hours. 

The player can use the Dehydrator to produce dried ocean scavengeables and seaweed-based chips aside from Hay. To acquire a Dehydrator, the player must reach level 4 in their Diving mastery. Once that is done, the player can craft a dehydrator. For that, the player needs 30 pieces of Scrap, two pieces of Silver Kelp Essence, five of Sea Salt, and two of Silver Bar.

As for Fiber, the main requirement to make Hay using the Dehydrator is that the player can obtain it in several ways. The player can get Fiber by cutting weeds using the Scythe, Axe, or Pickaxe, cutting grass using the Scythe, or rummaging the trash cans. Again, to make a single piece of Hay, the player must have two pieces of Fiber.


The player will also be able to purchase Hay in Coral Island. There are two places where the player can buy Hay: in the Ranch and during the Animal Festival.

The player can purchase Hay for 30 Coral Coins in the Ranch for each piece. The player can find the Ranch in the Forest area near the middle of the map of Coral Island. The Ranch is located north of the Greenhouse and the player’s farmhouse or west of the Carpenter. The player can purchase items in the Ranch when it is open.

The Ranch operates from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (17:00 if 24-hour format is used) from Sundays to Thursdays. On Fridays, the Ranch is only open from 8:00 to 12:00. However, on Saturdays, the Ranch is closed. It is worth noting that the Ranch will start selling Hay once the Town Rank is F. This is the very first Town Rank possible in the game.

The player will also be able to buy Hay during the Animal Festival. This festival happens every 12th day of the Summer season. The Animal Festival, which honors the creatures of Coral Island, features several games with animal themes. Mayor Connor will ask the players to bring their pets for a race at this festival. Also, if the player has a chicken or cow, the player can enter them in the competitions. 

The player can buy different items from a festival shop during the Animal Festival. Here, the player can purchase Hay at a 20% discount. This brings the price of Hay to 24 Coral Coins per piece. The player will be able to find this festival shop near the entrance of the Museum. This is just west of the Community Center.

To start the Animal Festival, the player must head to the open area in front of the Community Center of Starlet Town. This is located near the middle of the map of Coral Island. This is west of Sam’s General Store and the Town Sacred Tree. This is also north of Millie’s house or Sunny’s Beach Shack. The player must head to this location between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM (14:00 if 24-hour format is used) on the 12th day of the Summer season.


The player can upgrade Hay and seeds, plants, and fruit trees in the game through the Laboratory. Again, the Laboratory is situated in the eastern part of the map of Coral Island. This is on the left of Socket Electronics and the Furniture Store or on the upper right side of the Community Center.

​​The Hay upgrades the player bought apply to the Hay in the player’s inventory or placed on the farm. This also includes all subsequent Hay purchases at no additional cost. After upgrading, the player can feed the upgraded Hay to the farm animals. This will give the player a better chance of obtaining higher quality animal produce.

To upgrade Hay, the player must have some essence from kelps and Coral Coins. The following are the requirements for each upgrade of Hay in the Laboratory: for the Bronze Hay, the player must exchange eight pieces of Bronze Kelp Essence and 2,000 Coral Coins; for the Silver Hay, the player must trade eight pieces of Silver Kelp Essence and 5,000 Coral Coins; to get Gold Hay, the player must have eight pieces of Gold Kelp Essence and 10,000 Coral Coins; Lastly, to get Osmium Hay, the player must exchange eight pieces of Osmium Kelp Essence and 20,000 Coral Coins.


In the world of Coral Island, mastering the tools like the Silo and Auto Feeder is not just about efficiency. It’s about nurturing a thriving ecosystem on your farm. These elements are not just about streamlining tasks. They symbolize the care and attention that the player pours into their agricultural endeavors.

As you delve into the intricacies of these tools, you are not just optimizing productivity. You are building a haven for happy, well-fed animals and a bountiful source of resources for your journey in the game. Whether you are starting anew or seeking to refine your techniques, the Silo and Auto Feeder are the player’s gateways to a flourishing farm and a richer experience within the colorful tapestry of Coral Island. Unlock the potential of these tools, and witness the beauty of a meticulously managed farm in Coral Island!

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