Is There A Way To Fix Finisher Animations Disappearing in Cyberpunk 2077? – Answered

CD Projekt Red was able to fix many bugs in Cyberpunk 2077, but it looks like the latest patch came with an unexpected problem of the finisher animations disappearing.

Night City has never been as busy as before. Despite the poor launch of Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2020, CD Projekt Red has made up for its promise of fixing the game, and many fans have been enjoying the new and improved Cyberpunk.

The game puts players in the shoes of V, an up-and-coming merc who must navigate Night City with all its various jobs and carve out a life worthy of a futuristic anarchist. Not only do you get to buy new weapons, clothes, and vehicles, but you also get to install cybernetics on yourself, making you faster, more agile, and more dangerous.

Though guns are part of your usual arsenal as a merc in Night City, the game also provides you with more futuristic medieval weapons—specifically knives and cyber katanas. It may be cool to watch enemies drop dead from afar, but many players find a different kind of satisfaction when they take out enemies up close.

These close-up kills come with unique finisher animations, but after the recent patch, some players have noticed something odd about the game.

Finisher Animations Are Disappearing?

Since the latest patch, 2.1, players online have pointed out that the finisher animations have disappeared from the game. While the game originally had some gnarly eliminations with enemies getting their heads sliced off, players have posted videos of enemies simply falling down when they’re hit with a final blow.

The post has already gained thousands of upvotes on Reddit, and many players have confirmed that they haven’t been able to access any finisher animations that were originally in the game.

For context, here’s a collection of all the finisher moves in the game that you can perform with melee weapons. They can get excessively gruesome and tend to go into slow motion from that extra ‘cool’ factor. Watch this:

Is There a Fix?

As far as any official fixes go, there haven’t been any official updates from CD Projekt Red about the disappearing finishers. Despite this, PC players have a mod that brings back the finisher animations.

Patch 2.1 Finisher Fix from Nexus Mods by Nightmerea and rfuzzo says they managed to bring back the finisher animations that disappeared from the game since the last patch. Their description reads:

“There are two types of finishers: “fast” finishers that play just a heavy attack in slow-mo, and “slow” (or “animated”) finishers that play an animation (beheading, or stabbing or whatever)

The second kind of finishers (“animated” finishers) are bugged and never play in 2.1. This fixes it.”

You can access the mod here.

Though there is an unofficial fix for the PC players, the same can’t be said for the players on consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. While there isn’t an official fix for the bug yet, players can assured that the developers probably know all about the problem, seeing that it’s getting reported all around the online communities, not just on Reddit but on Steam.

Either way, the game is still completely playable, and Cyberpunk 2077 is a far cry from the buggy mess it was when it launched in 2020.

With Patch 2.1 being released earlier this month, CDPR could likely be planning to upload the next patch earlier next year to get past the holidays. With players reporting multiple bugs besides the lost animations, CDPR will likely deliver fixes to multiple problems in one big update.

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