How To Use Recon Senses in The Finals

Wondering how to use the Recon Sense specialization in The Finals? We’ll show you how in this quick guide.

Teams in The Finals will always want a Medium Build – a valuable support Contestant that can provide heals through Healing Beam or secure crucial space using Guardian Turret. As powerful as these two Specializations are, these aren’t the only tricks the Medium is capable of, as the Medium build also has a nifty Specialization called Recon Senses – a Specialization that lets you see enemies through structures around the map in The Finals.

We will walk you through how to use Recon Senses in The Finals and show you a neat trick you can use to enhance visibility when using the skin in this quick guide.

How To Use Recon Senses

You must press the Q button (PC) or RB/R1 (Xbox/PS)to use Recon Senses in The Finals. Pressing Q or RB/R1 will automatically activate Recon Senses and show enemy locations through structures. You can toggle Recon Senses on or off as long as you have enough energy.

Since you act as the beacon for Recon Senses, moving closer to the enemies’ approximate location will help enhance the clarity of the enemies’ position, allowing you to better pinpoint their exact locations within buildings on the map. Moving closer shouldn’t pose much risk, as you’ll get a general idea of where enemies are while Recon Senses is active.

Jump Pad Trick for Recon Senses

Recon Senses’ ability to reveal enemy locations is powerful in The Finals. However, as good as this ability is on paper, in practice, the silhouettes shown by Recon Senses can be a bit blurry, especially when using the ability in well-lit maps.

One trick you can use to see enemy silhouettes better while using Recon Senses is inspecting the Jump Pad while Recon Senses is active. When you inspect your Jump Pad, your Contestant will pull up the Jump Pad module, which you can use as a black background to better see enemies.

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How to Equip Recon Senses

Before using Recon Senses in The Finals, you must unlock the Specialization through the Equipment menu in-game.

Click on the Equipment button, then select Medium in the top left corner of the menu. Under the Medium build Specializations, select Recon Senses and click the Unlock button.

You will need 800 Points to unlock Recon Senses. If you don’t have enough, play a few Quick Matches until you get the required amount.

See Enemies Through Walls

Recon Senses is a specialization specific to the Medium Build in The Finals. As the name suggests, Recon Sense allows the user to “sense” enemies through walls using a sonar sensor.

When activated, Recon Sense will temporarily highlight enemies around the Recon Sense area of effect. However, Recon Sense works best in tighter, more dense areas in the game, as the recon effect weakens significantly the farther enemies are from you.

Is Recon Senses good?

Recon Senses is an excellent specialization in The Finals as it allows you to find and spot other teams’ approximate locations. The sonar scan can be useful in retake/defend situations in Quick Cash or for setting up an ambush on nearby enemy players in Bank It.

Recon Senses shines with good comms and teamwork. If you’re playing solo and without comms, you probably won’t get much value from Recon Sense, as your party mates will probably be busy pursuing their objectives unless you plan on hunting enemy players solo with the Specialization.

Final Thoughts

Like other Specializations in The Finals, using Recon Senses is as easy as pressing the Medium build’s Specialization key bind (default Q or RB/R1). You can toggle Recon Senses on or off as often as possible if your Contestant has enough energy. If you’re finding the Recon Senses silhouettes a bit blurry, try the Jump Pad inspect trick we showed you in this guide to see enemies more clearly.

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