PC Gamer’s top hardware review scores of 2023, plus the five lowest we’ve issued

Call us pedantic, over-critical, picky, fussy, whatever. The simple truth is that everyone at PC Gamer not only has very high standards, but also masses of experience in a host of different fields. So when it comes to reviewing hardware, every piece of kit that passes through our hands gets thoroughly scrutinized.

We only give the highest review scores to products that actually meet or exceed those standards and over the whole of 2023, a mere 25 were awarded with a review score of 90% or more.

You might be surprised by what’s in the list, with some brands you wouldn’t expect to see or have never heard of before. There are a few notable names missing, though, but that just means the competition is very healthy, in the major of PC hardware sectors.

Minor spoiler: there’s not a single graphics card in our list below. You’re probably not surprised, of course, as GPU prices are generally all too high for our liking. And those that are sensibly priced don’t stand out in terms of performance. Maybe this will change next year and the 2024 list sports some lovely graphics cards.

But pretty much everything else is there: gaming headsets, CPUs, full PCs, monitors, and more. There’s a decent spread of kit to be tempted by and that’s a nice way to finish the year.

However, since I am a total grinch, I’ve also added an extra list: The five lowest scoring products we’ve reviewed in 2023. Since three of the entries all come from the same manufacturer, somebody isn’t going to have a jolly end to the year and it’s not me!

The top 5 best products of 2023

The highest rated PC gaming gear of 2023

A total of 25 products, reviewed in 2023, achieved a review score of 90% of higher. That’s just 15% of everything we’ve used, played with, sat on, type with, and poked about inside. So you be sure that, while they’re not in the top five, the remaining 20 positions are taken by products that are simply excellent.

The five lowest scoring products of 2023

Not everything was all sweetness and loveliness in the PC hardware world this. Here are the five lowest scoring products that we reviewed in 2023. And as you’ll soon see, there was a bit of common theme running across our bottom rated products.

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