Ear-resistible: 5 AI Podcast Episodes That Perked Up Listeners in 2023

NVIDIA’s AI Podcast had its best year yet — with a record-breaking 1.2 million plays in 2023 and each biweekly episode now drawing more than 30,000 listens.

Among tech’s top podcasts, the AI Podcast has racked up more than 200 episodes and nearly 5 million total plays since its debut in 2016.

Listeners across the globe tune in for smart interviews on generative AI, large language models, as well as more offbeat topics like how AI is tackling challenges like building a self-driving baby stroller or discovering alien signals.

Here are five episodes that drew tens of thousands of listeners in 2023:

Gen AI Enables Scientific Leaps

Caltech’s Anima Anandkumar discusses generative AI’s potential to make splashes in the scientific community. The technology can, for example, be fed DNA, RNA, viral and bacterial data to craft a model that understands the language of genomes, or predict extreme-weather events like hurricanes and heat waves.

Class in Session: AI for Learning

The future of online education and the revolutionary impact of AI on the learning experience were the central themes discussed by Anant Agarwal, founder of edX and chief platform officer at 2U. The MIT professor and edtech pioneer also highlighted the implementation of AI-powered features in the edX platform, including a ChatGPT plug-in.

AI Gets Coding

The world increasingly runs on code. Accelerating the work of those who create that code will boost their productivity — and that’s just what AI startup Codeium, a member of the NVIDIA Inception program for startups, aims to do. The company’s leaders Varun Mohan and Jeff Wang talk about AI’s transformational role in software development.

Mindful Machine-Making

Julia Stoyanovich, associate professor of computer science and engineering at NYU and director of the university’s Center for Responsible AI, discusses how to make the terms “AI” and “responsible AI” synonymous.

AI for Regeneration, Scar Prevention

Scientists at Matice Biosciences are applying AI to study the regeneration of tissues in animals known as super-regenerators, such as salamanders and planarians. Cofounder Jessica Whited, a regenerative biologist at Harvard University, discusses how the research could unlock new treatments to help humans heal from injuries without scarring.

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