How to Beat the Abiding Defenders in Lords of the Fallen

Here’s how to remove Lirenne and Kyra, the Abiding Defenders, in Lords of the Fallen!

Lords of the Fallen is a soulslike video game and a sequel to the 2014 game under the same title. Like all soulslike games, players must fight increasingly deadly enemies and bosses to progress through the storyline and finish the game.

The Abiding Defender boss in Lords of the Fallen is a tough opponent to go against. Under normal circumstances, you would only go against a single foe. This time, however, you will have to fight not one but two enemies in the boss fight.

This article will teach you how to beat the ever-tricky twin Abiding Defender bosses, Lirenne and Kyra, in Lords of the Fallen.

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How to Beat the Abiding Defenders in Lords of the Fallen

Where are the Abiding Defenders Lirenne and Kyra located?

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The Abiding Defenders are located in the back courtyard of the Leprosarium or the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers. Going up the ladder shortcut from the relic in the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers, you will see a courtyard lined with Defender statues on its edges.

Just before crossing the bridge to the courtyard is an Umbral Flowerbed. You can rest in a Vestige Seed here before starting the boss fight. Upon entering the courtyard, the statues will animate, and the boss fight will begin.

Abilities of the Abiding Defenders Lirenne and Kyra

You need to know the attack pattern and the technique of the two Abiding Defenders to defeat them. The first Abiding Defender, Lirenne, primarily uses melee attacks, while the second one, Kyra, casts spells to deal damage from a distance.

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While both use holy abilities, they are both particularly weak to fire, so it is highly recommended to use fire against these two. Please take note that you need to defeat both of them at the same time. If one dies first, the surviving one immediately attempts to revive the other. If you don’t defeat them simultaneously, you will likely have a loop of reviving twin bosses.

Abiding Defender Lirenne: This boss is melee-focused. She can do multiple combo attacks with her sword and cast a crescent-shaped targetted projectile that deals holy damage.

Abiding Defender Kyra: This boss relies on casting spells from afar. She conjures a spectral sword that she can manipulate and duplicate at will to move along the ground and hit her opponents.

How to Beat the Abiding Defenders Lirenne and Kyra

You can focus your attacks on Lirenne while dodging Kyra’s long-ranged skills. Abiding Defender Kyra can create golden pools that explode after a few seconds, dealing holy damage. Although this is fairly easy to dodge, it is much harder when up against these two, as you also need to watch out for Lirenne’s attacks on you.

Abiding Defender Lirenne is more mobile than Kyra and will occasionally lunge at you with her sword. She can also teleport around the area and send long-range target-locked projectiles to you. Whenever she does this move, concentrate on dodging it and look for a window of opportunity to fight back.

The best technique to defeat them is to focus on equally damaging both of them. Once you defeat the first Abiding Defender, this will ensure that you can easily kill the remaining one before she revives her partner.

Rewards for Defeating the Abiding Defenders Lirenne and Kyra

After you defeat the two Abiding Defenders, they will drop a Luminous Abiding Defender Sword, an Abiding Defender Mask Helm, the Divine Arms spell, and two Briostone Trio. Defeating them will also unlock the chest they were guarding, which contains the Flail of Wisdom.

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That’s all you need to know about how to beat the Abiding Defenders Lirenne and Kyra in Lords of the Fallen. Make sure to check out our other Lords of the Fallen guides and walkthroughs:

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