Where to find all 7 presents in Palia’s Winterlights event

Cozy MMO Palia has rung in its first winter holiday event and there’s a scavenger hunt for seven winterlight presents to find. You’ll have received a letter from Zeki with a list of hints on all the present locations, but a couple of Zeki’s clues are pretty darn vague, so you may need a little assistance. Down below I’ll give you my own hint for each present location to help you narrow things down before I show you exactly where it’s at. There’s also a full map just below if you want to know the location but not see the holiday chest spot itself.

Here’s the location of all the Winterlights chests in Palia so you can complete your home makeover for the season:

Every Palia present location for holiday 2023 

(Image credit: Singularity 6, annotated by PC Gamer)

Palia present rewards:

Here’s the decor item inside each chest of the scavenger hunt so you can prioritize the gifts you want most. Each one also comes with a recipe for the same piece of decor so you can go craft more. 

Winterlights gold wreathWinterlights trinket decor (stockings)Winterlights gold plateWinterlights silver plateWinterlights mitten decorWinterlights silver wreathWinterlights tree topper

1.  A barrel of laughs at the inn 

Hint: Look up

This present nearly stumped me before I started because I just kept looking at the ground. It’s actually on top of the big ale barrel outside the Kilima Village Inn. The easiest way to get up there is to go inside, upstairs, and out onto the balcony in Ashura’s room. You can jump onto the roof from there and easily climb onto the barrel.

Reward: Winterlights gold wreath and recipe

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

2. Milling about in the wind near Zeki’s house 

Hint: Zeki’s house is north of town.

Villager houses aren’t labeled on your map, but this one is easy once you know Zeki’s house is the building on a ridge close to the library. The present you’re looking for is sitting underneath the large windmill in his yard.

Reward: Winterlights trinket decor (hung stockings) and recipe

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

3. Under a bridge near a watery ridge

Hint: Look for a stone bridge, not a wood one.

There are a lot of bridges in Kilima Village and many of them near waterfalls, so this one can be a real goose chase. It was the last bridge I checked, of course, northwest of town and directly south of the Mirror Pond Ruins where Jina hangs out. Once you have the right bridge, a white stone one, it’s easy to find just sitting in the water underneath.

Reward: Winterlights gold plate and recipe

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

4. Watching the Ormuu clip-clopping

Hint: Delaila and Badruu’s family are ranchers as well as farmers.

This present is another one hiding above eye-level but it’s not too hard to spot once you find the Ormuu pen on the Leafhopper Hills farm. Look up in the rafters of the little feed structure on the north side of the enclosure. You may need to jump off the table to reach it though. 

Reward: Winterlights silver plate and recipe

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

5. Watching the boathouse from a cliff up high 

Hint: The boathouse is on the docks west of the Remembrance Garden.

The boathouse isn’t labeled on your map so don’t get confused and go to the fishing lagoon. This present is on top of the big, round hill between the coast and Leafhopper Hills farm. It’s hidden in a pile of leaves that I picked up without even realizing what I’d done!

Reward: Winterlights mitten decor and recipe

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

6.  Teetering close to a watery swim

Hint: This chest is about to take a fall from a dock.

Talk about a vague hint on this one with the amount of water on the map. This chest is actually closer to the boathouse than the last one. Head for the small wooden dock just east along the coast from the boathouse. The chest is perched precariously on a wooden pole out in the water.

Reward: Winterlights silver wreath and recipe 

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

7. In a big pile 

Hint: The big pile is close to a Winterlights tree in town.

Another really vague hint, but this holiday chest is actually in a snow pile near a decorated tree. You’ll find it in the small covered pavilion between City Hall and the central stables.

Reward: Winterlights tree topper and recipe 

(Image credit: Singularity 6)

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