Shuhei Yoshida’s favorite PlayStation indie games of 2023

Hello everyone. The year 2023 has been a standout year for games, as we have been blessed with the release of countless top-notch titles. I hope everyone was able to discover new favorites that blew their minds and engaged them in amazing gaming experiences.

From the array of titles released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR2, I wanted to share 11 indie games that were my personal favorites of 2023.

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A Space for the Unbound

This heartwarming adventure game, born from developers in Indonesia, features vivid graphics that echo the enchanting style of director Makoto Shinkai’s films. It weaves a magical tale about dreams and love surrounding a young boy and girl. Will the two, who were torn apart by an accident, ever find each other again? Play till the end to find out.

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The Legend of Tianding

Set in the early 20th Century during the Japanese rule of Taiwan, there existed a legendary hero known as Tianding, who fought the corrupt elite, took from the wealthy, and saved the common folk. You can enjoy fast-paced, side-scrolling action through beautiful, artistically rendered Taiwanese scenery. The game also features various historical documents of the period, which is very interesting.

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Before Your Eyes

Have you ever shed tears while playing a game? In this title, the scenes progress with each blink of the player’s eyes. It’s a PS VR2-exclusive adventure that lets you relive the fleeting life of a young boy who passed away too soon. You’ll likely find yourself moved to tears in the final moments.

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Developed by a team from New Caledonia, this is a liberating sandbox action game set across beautiful islands. The protagonist, Tchia, possesses a unique ability called “soul jumping,” which enables her to inhabit birds, fish, animals, and even pebbles, and utilize their abilities. It adds a delightful twist to the gameplay.

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Imagine a game that combines fishing with horror – who would have thought that such an unexpected combination would captivate so many players? In this game, your boat is the main character. You navigate perilous waters at night, progressively exploring while upgrading your vessel. The challenge is knowing when to put down the game and call it a night.

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This game depicts hundreds of faceless people walking in masses, with a single Shiba Inu leading them on. It is an amazing puzzle adventure game that engages players with the philosophical question of what it means to be human. It also allows players to share and play through game stages they’ve created themselves.

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This first person shooter uses PS VR2’s eye-tracking technology to let you select enemies and objects, then grab, levitate and throw them with a flick of your Sense controller. Set against a minimalistic yet beautiful backdrop, players use their extraordinary abilities to surmount looming dangers in this enthralling 3D action game.

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There are times when changing your perspective slightly can help you overcome obstacles. In this game, placing Polaroid photos you take during gameplay magically spawns new pathways and objects. It’s the most innovative game I’ve encountered this year.

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Developer, Jae, left the security of a stable job to pursue his dream of creating a game that blends 3D action with a dating sim. By the end of the game, you must confess your feelings to one of your companions.

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Cocoon captures what I consider beautiful game design: a screen that is devoid of any UI and lacks any form of tutorial, yet the player intuitively understands what they must do. This is a new puzzle adventure from the creators of the timeless classic, Inside. The game continuously delights with its enigmatic puzzles.


For those who enjoy MMORPG boss fights, but don’t have the time to reach them, this game is made for you. You (and up to two other players) can fight through a sequence of rigorous boss rushes in co-op. The action mechanic that allows players to access powerful buffs the longer they stand in place, is unique and exceptional.

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