‘We would love to explore a new game mode,’ says Remnant 2’s creative director, which he’d like to ‘scratch the same itch’ as a wave-based survival gauntlet

Remnant 2’s first DLC dropped a short while ago—and it’s a pretty good romp. It adds a whole new area to explore, a new class, and some new gear to grab—it also enhances Losomn as a whole, since having the DLC lets its areas and bosses crop up during your randomised runs of the main campaign.

In an interview with the game’s creative director David Adams (also the president of development studio Gunfire Games) Exputer asked whether he’d consider adding a survival mode to the game, a la Call of Duty’s Zombies.

“Right now, we are focused on the second DLC we’re working on. That’s the ‘official’ answer. The ‘unofficial’ answer is we would love to explore a new game mode,” says Adams. “Maybe not exactly like Survivor, but something that scratches the same itch.” I’m assuming Adams is using “Survivor” here as short-hand, rather than hinting at a game mode where 18 rugged post-apocalyptic contestants try not to get voted off a desert island. Though I’d like to see that.

In all seriousness, a wave-based survival mode for Remnant 2 is a natural fit. The game’s progression systems are like a mix of Diablo and Dark Souls—you dig up the gear you’d like, match two classes for the perfect build, then upgrade yourself until you’re a near-unstoppable killing machine. Or a belly flop master.

The only issue is that mucking around requires a lot of scrap and XP—you can embark on adventure modes to various worlds, but these journeys often feel like a big time investment, requiring you to claw and fight your way through a gameplay slice that’s essentially a quarter of the base campaign. A wave-based brawl where you can plug in 20 minutes or so to get the dough you need sounds like it’d fill a niche the game is currently missing.

“As a team, we are pretty organic in our plans for the game,” Adams says. “For instance, the Aberration event we did in October”—referencing an event where elite versions of enemies could pop up and wreck your day, but also give you powerful rewards—”wasn’t some master planned update; it was something we tried out that we thought would be cool, so we released it to the players for free.”

While Adams doesn’t confirm a survival mode any time soon, he does coyly hint towards the next two DLCs: “We’re committed to doing three DLCs within the first year of the game’s launch, so you can sort of do the math.”

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