Everyone loves a good doggo, Pokemon Trainers included. Thankfully, there have been plenty of canine Pokemon developed over the years, bringing a variety of furry friends to the table for fans to admire. We’ve rounded up ten of the heckin’ best dogs in the Pokemon franchise for everyone to admire, so follow along below to see some very good bois.


Image Source: The Pokemon Company

C’mon, as if Arcanine could be left out of the mix – this Pokemon was literally one of the very first canine Pokemon to exist as part of the original 151 ‘Mons in Kanto. On top of that, Arcanine is known as the ‘Legendary’ Pokemon, despite not being a Legendary itself – which is more than enough reason to be considered one of the best doggos of the franchise. On top of that, Arcanine is the biggest, the fluffiest, the friendliest, the most loyal, and you can even ride on its back for transport – it doesn’t get much better than this big ol’ orange doggo!

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