Here’s how you can get Blessings in Blood West.

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You will encounter many unique items you can use to aid in your journey as you progress through Blood West. While the most impactful loot in the game are weapons such as axes or guns, effects called Blessings can also help increase your chances of survival in the cursed Wild West.

In this quick guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about Blessings, including how you can get them and where you can get the items required to claim blessings.

How to Get Blessings in Blood West

You can get Blessings by giving a Golden Coin/Shiny Coin to the Totem of Souls in Blood West. Head to the nearest safe zone to find the Totem of Souls and the Shaman. 

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Exchange your Golden Coins by talking to the Totem of Souls at Camp. When the Totem of Souls asks: “Anything else?” answer with “Can you help me?”. The Totem of Souls will tell you they can bless you, but not for free. Answer the Totem of Souls with “What do you require of me?” to which the Totem of Souls will tell you about cursed gold, referring to Golden Coins. 

Give the Golden Coins to the Totem by answering with “I’ve the gold. What can you do exactly?” and the following Blessings will become available to you:

Blessing of the Cat

Blessing of the Fox

Blessing of the Bear

Blessing of the Magpie

Blessings cost 1 Gold Coin each. You can only pick one Blessing, which lasts until you die.

Where to Find Golden Coin/Shiny Coin

The Golden Coin is a valuable item that protects you from obtaining a new Soul Flaw upon death. This passive bonus can be handy, especially if you’re dying more often than you’d like in-game.

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Golden Coins can also be used as currency and exchanged for bonus effects called Blessing from the Totem of Souls. You can find Golden Coins/Shiny Coins at these locations:

2x Golden Coins can be found on top of the raised bed you spawn at

Can be found in various locations within the Regions

Can drop from enemies and can be found as loot

Bought from Jim Hooper

“Shiny coin made of gold. Apparently, it was consecrated by a church official. Perhaps that’s why its properties are uncommon in Barren Lands.”

What are Blessings for in Blood West?

Blessings are bonus effects you can equip on your character in Blood West. There are four unique Blessings in Blood West – Blessing of the Cat, Blessing of the Fox, Blessing of the Bear, and Blessing of the Magpie. 

Each Blessing gives unique bonus effects such as increased melee damage or a better chance of finding golden items while looting. 

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Blessing of the Cat: With the blessing of cat’s nine lives, it’s possible to avoid curse when dying.

Blessing of the Fox: Alerting enemies senses are reduced by 25%.

Blessing of the Bear: Increases melee damage by 25%.

Blessing of the Magpie: Gives 15% chance for finding golden items when looting.

Final Thoughts

Blessings can be very useful in Blood West. While the Golden Coin used to claim Blessing also provides a valuable passive bonus, using your extra Golden Coins to get any of the four Blessings can increase your chances of survival, decrease the curse, and increase your chances of finding golden items when looting. Head to the nearest safe zone, talk to the Totem of Souls, and exchange your Golden Coins to claim Blessings in Blood West.

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