House Flipper 2 Review – Manual Labor Made Fun

House Flipper 2 on PC

Let me start off by saying I’m not usually the kind of person to play, let alone enjoy, the kind of simulation games that gamify a difficult and work-heavy concept. Enter House Flipper 2, a game that makes the hard work of cleaning and renovating homes an honest-to-god relaxing and enjoyable experience. House Flipper 2 accomplishes this by simplifying the actions of everything you do.

Normally, scrubbing clean almost every interior surface of your house would take hours, if not days. On the flip side, House Flipper 2 makes such a chore quite chill by only demanding you aim at the dirty smudge and press a button. Waiting for the task’s completion over a few seconds is the only difficulty involved. Even then, the perks you unlock for each varied task only helps to improve the speed at which you renovate a house.

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