PC Gamer’s Game of the Year Awards 2023

Welcome to PC Gamer’s annual Game of the Year awards. It’s been a big year for PC gaming—surprising at times, disappointing at others. Throughout, though, there’s been a wealth of excellent games. For the rest of the month, we’ll be running through the best games of 2023, culminating in our official Game of the Year pick on December 30.

To reach this list, we asked each of PC Gamer’s editorial team to nominate up to six games released this year—plus an extra vote for the ongoing game that had the best 2023. With those nominations in hand, we gathered together in a global group call to argue over which games deserve their place in our awards. Once we choose the games, we assign each an award category to fit it. This is why the categories are slightly different each year.

In addition to our main awards, each PC Gamer writer has also picked one of their personal favourites to showcase. We’ll be updating this page with both our main awards and our personal picks throughout the rest of the month.

The Awards

Best Ongoing Game: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
Best Stealth:
Revealed December 19
Best Remake: Revealed December 20
Best Fighting Game: Revealed December 21
Best Action: Revealed December 22
Best Open World: Revealed December 23
Best Setting: Revealed December 24
Best Design: Revealed December 25
Best Shooter: Revealed December 26
Best Adventure: Revealed December 27
Best Story: Revealed December 28
Best Expansion: Revealed December 29
Game of the Year: Revealed December 30

Personal Picks

Robin Valentine: Viewfinder
Tyler Colp:
Honkai: Star Rail

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