James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne, has died

Max Payne and Alan Wake voice actor James McCaffrey has died after a battle with cancer, according to a TMZ report. He was 65.

McCaffrey’s death was initially revealed by actor Kevin Dillon, who paid tribute to his “best friend” in an Instagram post. After some confusion about whether it was actually the actor who had died, TMZ confirmed the report.

“One of Dick Wolf’s proteges, McCaffrey went on to a successful 35 year career in television and film,” McCaffrey’s rep told the site. “Trained at the Actor’s Studio, he never lost his love for creating characters; however, his good looks often pushed him toward leading man roles.”

McCaffrey appeared in numerous television shows and films over his career, including a long stretch as supporting character Jimmy Keefe in the award-winning series Rescue Me and the star of the 1990s show Viper. He also had appearances in popular series including Blue Bloods, Bull, Suits, Jessica Jones, The Glades, Law and Order, and numerous others.

To gamers, though, he’s best known for his roles with Remedy: His performance as the title character in the Max Payne games was nothing short of iconic, and when Rockstar announced in 2009 that it planned to use a new voice actor for Max Payne 3, the response was so negative that Rockstar relented and brought McCaffrey back to the role. (Which, for the record, was absolutely the right move.) 

Happy 20th birthday, Max Payne, from @SamLakeRMD (Max Payne), James McCaffrey (Max Payne), and a familiar leather jacket. 🧥🎂Happy anniversary to everyone at Remedy, @RockstarGames, @3DRealms, and to all of you who love the game. Let’s celebrate using the hashtag #MaxPayne20! pic.twitter.com/8PYua4D8HIJuly 23, 2021

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Lake paid a personal tribute to McCaffrey, calling him “a lovely man and a dear friend,” and “a key part of the Remedy family.”

“James was Max Payne, Thomas Zane, Zachariah Trench and finally Alex Casey,” Lake tweeted. “I had the honor of sharing Max Payne’s role and Casey’s role with him. He was a joy to work with. I will cherish his memory and I miss him. My deepest condolences to his family. Rest in peace, Jim.”

(Image credit: Sam Lake (Twitter))

(Image credit: Sam Lake (Twitter))

In a tribute posted to Twitter, Remedy Entertainment said: “We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our beloved friend and collaborator James McCaffrey, the iconic voice of Max Payne and Alex Casey. His remarkable talent gave life to our characters and left an enduring impact on our community. Our hearts go out to his family.”

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment (Twitter))

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