Armored Core 6 is adding ranked matchmaking like it’s no big deal (it is) and it’ll be arriving tomorrow, along with new parts and PvP maps

Armored Core 6 just joined this year’s surprising avalanche of quality-of-life updates and out-of-the-blue patches: like Baldur’s Gate 3 adding a whole new epilogue and difficulty mode, or Cyberpunk 2077 finally making good on its promises of a working public transport system

This one in particular will have FromSoftware’s PvP community in a buzz, though: AC6 is getting ranked matchmaking. 

As announced on the Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube channel today, Armored Core 6 will have ranked matchmaking effective tomorrow. This’ll add a new PvP ladder, customisable nameplates, parts, and maps to the game—alongside a silo of balance changes.

I can’t overstate how much of a game-changer this is. Armored Core 6’s PvP community has already been bustling, thanks to how deep its mech customisation goes. It’s like the world’s sickest game of rock-paper-scissors, except the rock is a horrifying missile platform with tank treads for legs and the scissors is a lightweight hornet with dual zimmermans. Also, the loser explodes. Sometimes the winner explodes, too.

This marks a departure in FromSoftware’s usual immersive approach to PvP—though AC6 is absolutely the game to do it in. The ‘Arena’ where players knock down AI enemies to climb a leaderboard has been a staple of the series for a while, so it’s an established vibe in the franchise’s setting. Additionally, swapping out your build in AC6 is straightforward and free—letting you tweak your build to counter your opponent’s without having to pay a costly respec tax.

It looks like Bandai Namco did release some official patch notes, though that link’s currently taking me to a 404 page at the time of writing. I’ll keep it in for prosperity in case it’s changed back. Thanks to an impressions thread on the game’s subreddit, however, we can get a sneak peek at the Christmas gifts coming from Handler Walter’s big red sack.

Comment from r/armoredcore
Comment from r/armoredcore

The change to tank treads in particular is bound to cause some upset, seeing as slapping a couple of high-recoil weapons on the speedier models—like the nimble EL-TL-11 Fortaleza—turned you into a speed demon nightmare with virtually no downside to the heavy ordinance strapped to your arms.

Armored Core patch 1.05 will be released tomorrow, December 19. I for one can’t wait to see the floodgates thrown wide open to a horde of mech-tinkering sickos flocking to the most meta builds like bees swarming a hive, as well as the anti-meta mavericks rocking up with builds like my personal fave, the chainsaw-wielding Rust Bucket.

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