The Best Cosmetic Mods for Lethal Company

Lethal Company has some great mods, but what are the best ones that are specifically cosmetic only?

Among Us may not have the same grip on the culture as once, but survivor co-op games are still popular among several gamers. One indie game that’s caught players’ attention is Lethal Company from Zeekerss, which isn’t exactly Among Us but is pretty much in the same genre.

In Lethal Company, players in teams of four are thrust into a random planet where they are forced to forage for scrap for ‘The Company.’ Of course, not everything is as easy as it seems. While you and your team are out looking for anything to salvage, the maps are filled with monsters and aliens—all of which have different ways of eliminating you and your teammates.

Besides the aliens that just straightforward come out and chase you, there are also some based on popular sci-fi monsters like giant spiders that can leave web traps that will get you stuck or aliens that move at lightning speed but stop when they’re being observed—like the weeping angels from Doctor Who.

Lethal Company is not the most graphically impressive game, but many players have been commending it for its fun gameplay loop. What’s more, the game is also open for heavy modification, and that’s where a lot of the fun from players comes from.

Though some mods allow for gameplay changes (like adding extra commands or game modes), other modifications simply enhance how the game looks for players. After all, Lethal Company doesn’t have the same kind of polish as a AAA game. Then again, some can argue that the retro pixels add to the overall vibe of Lethal Company.

Best Cosmetic Mods for Lethal Company

Though Lethal Company is considered a pretty bare game by itself, it allows for community collaboration with all the mods that can be installed for it. We should expect some more mods to come out the longer the game has been released, but as of now, here are some highly rated cosmetic mods that players have been enjoying for the game.

HDLethalCompany (by Sligili) – Like many other retro games, Lethal Company likes to stay with its pixelated aesthetic, making it look like a game that came out during the PlayStation One generation. If that isn’t to your liking, though, the HDLethalCompany mod will enhance the game’s graphics from resolution to the quality of textures, like fog. This mod also adds anti-aliasing to Lethal Company.

FOVAdjust (by Rozebud) – By design, Lethal Company likes to ensure that players have limited vision when they play the game, which will add to the horror element. With this mod, players can adjust their field of vision and make it easier (or harder) for them, depending on what vibe they’re going for in the game.

Minimap (by Tyzeron) – In the base game, one player is expected to stay behind in the main base and watch some monitors that will update the others on what their position is and where the monster is. If nobody wants to play the HQ monitor, though, the minimap mod simply gives players a better idea of where they are on the map—eliminating the need for anyone to stay behind.

Though only a map is added, it does somehow change the gameplay dramatically. After all, darkness is a mystery, giving the game its edge. If it’s too much for you, you can easily install this map and have an easier time trying to escape from monsters or stumbling back to headquarters.

More Suits (by x753) – Though the game has a default orange jumpsuit for the players, this mod allows players to have various outfits to choose from. What’s great about this mod is that not only will it provide different colored space suits for players, but it will also allow you to keep a catalog of other modded suits in the game. As long as this is installed, you can try out these other outfits based on other players from other titles.

DeadSpaceIsaacSuits (by BrotherPig) – Another game sci-fi horror icon is Isaac Clarke from Deadspace. This mod lets players don the bronze engineer suit with a blue neon glow.

CombineEliteSuit (by TeamClark) – Adds the Combine Elite Suit from Half-Life.

SpiderManSuitV2 (by Stoners) – Adds Spider-Man to the game.

Vault Boy Suit (by TeamClark) – Adds the blue and yellow Vault Boy suit from Bethesda’s Fallout series.

 BigBossSuit (by TeamClark) – From Metal Gear Solid, this mod adds Big Boss into Lethal Company.

ODST Suit (by TeamClark) – From the popular Halo series, this adds the ODST space suit to the game.

Death Korps of Krieg Suit (by TeamClark) – Adds the Krieger Suit from the Warhammer 40k series.

We should expect more cosmetic mods to emerge as the game becomes popular. TeamClark on Thunderstore has many options for players when it comes to cosmetics for Lethal Company. Not only do they have cosmetics from other games like Dead Space or Fallout, but they also have some suits that are just fun recolors of the default suit, like a shirtless mod that gives players a poorly drawn set of abs and a mod that makes you look like a Power Ranger.

For now, Lethal Company is getting the most attention online from player reactions, so it should only be a matter of time before more modders discover the game and discover all kinds of new cosmetics to add. The game may be considered pretty bare, but with all the modifications players can add, there’s no telling what to expect in the future of Lethal Company.

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