If you’re after Echocalypse codes for the long-running gacha game, we’re here to help. Developed by Yoozoo, codes tend to drop fairly frequently to supply player with free boosts. Read on to see whether there are any codes right now for you to use!

All Echocalypse Codes

Echocalypse Codes (Working)

No working Echocalypse codes right now

Echocalypse Codes (Expired)

VIRGOLIBRA: Virgo and Libra avatar frame

jd93jp92sa: Mission Data IV x10 Generic Bio-Chip III x5

gn8yz39k: Shifter Material x1 SSR Fragment Selection Chest x10

UC7K9SX56W: Random SSR Affinity Gift Chest x10 Iridimorphite x60

KIKISGIFT: Nurture Solution III x10, Echo Crystal Flake x1






GUINESGIFT: Shifter Material (Elemono Augment material) x1 Special Equipment Component Selection Chest x10

NILESGIFT: Chimera Mod Protocol x20 Crystalline Cells x200

OATHOFLOVE: Levia’s Oath Outfit “Captivating Melody” via Oath Levia, Chiraha, Nile Avatars

87FNX2JL3FNV: Crystalline Cells x200 Mission Data IV x5

MOUNTAINSDAY: Conch Shell x300 (Anubis Event Currency) Furniture Landscape Painting Fenriru Emoji Set

DCTANABATA77: Cancer avatar frame

4DNX7U9LS34G: Honey Cake x300 + Echo Crystal Flake x1

TANABATA77: Qixi Wish Note x20 (Affection Gift Item) Generic Bio-Chip III x5

X7NSW9AK3DF6: Generic Bio-Chip III x5

F7SJVHE0Y3K2: Firearm Magazine x500 (Vera Event Currency) Generic Bio-Chip III x5

DRAGONBOAT2023: x2 Draw Master Selection Chest x2 Savory Zongzi (Action Point Recovery) x2 Sweet Zongzi (Action Point Recovery)

GOLDENWEEK2023: Taurus avatar frame

CAMELIAFORU: Camelia emoji set

NICE40KSEA: 400 Iridimorphite

ARIES2023: Aries avatar frame

ECHOYGGDRASIL: 5 Artifact Identification Application, 1 Elementium S and 10 Multicore Artifact Matrix

SAKURALIFE: Pisces avatar frame

NICE30KSEA: 200 Iridimorphite and more


ECHO10KSEA: 500 Iridimorphite and more

lowcostcosplay01: 200 Iridimorphite

ECHO777: 20x Sil Bio-Chips, 100 Iridimorphite and other

EARLYACCESS: Random Favorability Gift Chest, Tribute Points and Random SR Furnishings Chest

How to Redeem Codes in Echocalypse

Image Source: Yoozoo via Twinfinite

Download Echocalypse from the app store of your choosing

Play through the tutorial, past character creation and combat, until you reach the main control room menu

Tap on your character icon, then Basic Data > Redeem Code

Paste in a code from our list, and check your in-game mail to see what you’ve unlocked

How Can You Get More Echocalypse Codes?

The best place to look for more Echocalypse codes is on the game’s Discord server. You don’t need to register or verify your account. Once signed in, there’s a dedicated ‘Redeem Code’ channel, wherein all coupons are listed, both active and expired. If you switch notifications on for that channel, you’ll never miss a freebie.

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