There’s nothing more fun than jumping into a game with a bunch of friends, and that fun only increases when some of that jumping is due to jump scares. Low-fi indie game Lethal Company is the current co-op horror hotness, casting you and your friends as employees of a corporation that’s sent you to salvage scrap from abandoned moon stations. As you scamper around in darkened sci-fi facilities looking to meet your salvage quotas, you quickly discover why these bases were abandoned, and as always the answer is: horrifying monsters. Calamity and hilarity ensues as you watch your teammates die horribly just to bring back a coffee mug, two pickle jars, and a soda can.

Another great thing about Lethal Company is that it’s proving to be an extremely flexible game when it comes to modding. Despite only being out for a few months, the co-op horror adventure has lots of mods that make it possible to wear new accessories, change the rules, and add even more horrific monsters to the already terrifying game. Plus, if you want to play with more than four players, there are mods for that too.

Lobby size and social mods

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More Company: Let’s start right there: the More Company mod will let you bring more friends along for the ride. Instead of just four friends you can now play with eight, and that math suggests you’ll have twice as much fun. If that’s not already enough, the mod also includes a bunch of new cosmetics for you and your friends to wear including sunglasses, hats, cat ears, and more.

Bigger Lobby: If going from four to eight players isn’t enough, here’s another mod that lets you play with… let me just double check my notes on this… yes, up to 40 players. 40 players! That’s absurd, but if you have 39 friends and you can’t bear to leave even a single one out of your game night, I’d give it a try.

Late Company: Lets you add players even after a mission has begun, so they don’t have to wait for the session to end before they can join.

More Emotes: Not only lets you flip the bird to your buddies, but also adds a few other emotes like clapping and performing the touchdown dance “The Griddy.” Now when several of your friends get torn apart by monsters just so you can bring back a tea kettle and a dustpan to scrap, you can celebrate appropriately. 

Additional monster mods

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Skinwalkers: Especially spooky, as it’ll record clips of your voice chat while you’re playing, then repeat them back to you, making it sound like your friends are talking when they aren’t. As if it’s not spooky enough hearing the disembodied voices of your friends from the darkness, it can really cause problems during the game. If you hear a friend say something like “Where are you?” and you open your mic to answer them, your voice may be overheard by one of the game’s voice-detecting monsters (yes, Lethal Company has a few of those).

Mimics: A different way of tricking you into dying. In Dungeons & Dragons, Mimics classically disguise themselves as treasure chests to lure gold-hungry adventurers into touching them, so what’s the spooky space base equivalent? How about an exit door? There’s no sight more welcoming than the way out of the cursed facility you’re stuck inside, but occasionally that door is just a trap and anyone who opens it will be eaten by… well, by something that has a mouth the size of a door. 

Gameplay tweaks

(Image credit: Zeekerss)

Brutal Company Plus: Increases monster spawns, makes every creature available no matter what moon you’re on, and adds new randomized events that will keep you on your toes. It’s customizable, too, letting you tweak your starting cash and loot drops to give you a fighting chance.

GameMaster: Lets the host decide just how much carnage and chaos they want to inflict. It comes with a built in-menu to spawn monsters at will, adjust deadlines and credits, and buy items for players. The really nice thing about this mod, unlike the others on this page, is that only the host needs to install it rather than everyone.

FOV Adjust: Lets every PC gamer do what they always instantly want to do in games: change their FOV setting.

Minimap: Adds a nice little map to the top right of your screen which will show teammates, loot, and other features, plus it can be toggled on and off and resized while you’re playing.

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