How To Catch the Rove Beetle in Coral Island

Learn how to catch the Rove Beetle in Coral Island!

Stairway Games’ Coral Island has a lot of options for its players besides farming. Besides having players participate in upgrading the town and forming relationships with the townsfolk, the game also allows them to explore. Coral Island players can mine for minerals or scuba diving underwater to collect all kinds of loot.

Though there aren’t Pokemon for players to collect, the game provides Coral Island with various creatures they can catch in the wild—like insects. Of course, some insects are rarer than others, and one particular species that players are having a hard time finding naturally is the Rove Beetle.

What’s a Rove Beetle?

The Rove Beetle is one of Coral Island’s more coveted insect species. It’s a particularly rare insect because it’s only available during specific seasons. What’s more, the weather has to be certain if you want to run into these things and add them to your collection.

As far as the beetle looks, it doesn’t look like a beetle but more of an elongated ant. The Rove Beetle can be distinguished by its signature black and orange color.

The Rove Beetle can be difficult to find, but any player will eventually have to go out hunting for it because it will be required to fulfill the Night Insect Offering in the Catch Altar.

Where to Find a Rove Beetle

When searching for a Rove Beetle, note that they only appear during certain seasons, specifically Fall and Winter. What’s more, the weather conditions for the day have to be either stormy, sunny, or Rainy. The Rove Beetle also only appears at Night, so you must ensure those conditions are met.

Should the weather and seasons align on your part, you will now have to find the location where the Rove Beetle can usually be spotted. You can find a Rove Beetle along the river by your farm if you want to try looking for it nearby. Some also suggest looking for it at Garden Lane or any Vineyard locations.

Catching the Rove Beetle

Catching insects in Coral Island does take a certain level of finesse from the player. Some bugs can move quickly and simply run away before you can get your net over them.

One suggestion when it comes to catching bugs is simply to dash toward the bug rather than just slowly walking toward it. It will take some practice, but If you dash toward a Rove Beetle, it will not have much time to react before you put it in your net.

If you keep practicing your bug-catching skills, you will eventually be able to level up your abilities, including letting bugs be less aware of you right before you try to catch them.

The game also has several other equipment that will help you catch insects. There are Ground Insect Traps that will be able to do the catching for you. You can also just place these around where the Rove Beetle is said to appear and just come back and see what it caught.

You can also just upgrade your equipment. Though skilled players are pretty great with a Bug net, there are also Silver and Gold Bug nets that increase the radius of your net, making it easier to catch insects. Then again, they are pretty expensive, and unless you want to focus on catching insects, the price may not be worth it.

What Can a Rove Beetle Get You?

The Rove Beetle is necessary for fulfilling the Night Insect Offering in the Catch Altar, so you can cross that off your list if you get one; as a reward, you will receive a Tap.

You can also donate the insect to the Museum to help increase your town rank, and some people would like the Rove Beetle as a gift (specifically Eleanor). You can also sell the bug, but it will only get you 220 coins, so much for rarity.

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