Daily free games are back in Epic’s 2023 Holiday Sale, live now

The Epic Games Store has kicked off its 2023 Holiday Sale, and once again the daily free games are back—17 of them in all, beginning today with Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, a bundle of the Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansions for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is free as a normal thing, by the way, so it’s a whole lot of Destiny for a whole lot of nothing.

Daily free games are always the big attraction in the Epic Store’s Holiday Sale, but Epic is also bringing back its reusable coupons, and as it did in the previous Black Friday sale, the discount amount is being bumped to 33% off eligible purchases—that means games, but not DLC, in-game items, or currency. Everyone gets the coupon automatically, and it automatically renews each time it’s used, effectively making it a standing 33% discount.

Epic’s sales typically don’t cut as deep as those offered by Steam or GOG sales, but that coupon applies to both regular and discounted prices, which can make some games cheaper than they are on other storefronts even if the up-front sale price is higher than it is elsewhere. In the Black Friday sale, for instance, Payday 3 wasn’t on sale on the Epic Store, but the coupon actually made it cheaper than what it was going for at the time (20% off) in Steam’s Autumn Sale. Bottom line, it’s worth double-checking to ensure you’re getting the best deal on whatever you’re shopping for.

The return on the “Epic Rewards” program is also being increased for the duration of the sale. Normally, when you purchase a game from the Epic Store you get 5% back in the form of a credit that can be used for future game purchases, but for the Holiday Sale that’s being boosted to 10%. So, buy a $60 game, you’ll get a $6 credit you can put toward your next purchase. Rewards are granted 14 days after purchase and are cumulative, so you can let ’em pile up if you’re saving for something big—but do note that they expire after 25 months, so be sure to use them before that happens.

And finally, anyone who purchases Alan Wake 2 during the Holiday Sale will get a voucher for a free copy of Alan Wake Remastered, which normally goes for $30. If you’re new to the whole Alan Wake thing, it’s a good way to jump into the full Bright Falls experience.

The Epic Game Store’s Holiday Sale is live now and runs until January 10.

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