How to get Wool Fabric in Lego Fortnite

Getting your hands on Wool Fabric in Lego Fortnite is a little trickier than you might think. Obviously, you’ll need to acquire some wool, but that isn’t as complicated as it sounds, since you don’t need any specialised tools to shear the sheep you find wandering around the world. What you do need, however, is a specific crafting station to turn that wool into the final product.

Fortnite’s new Lego survival game is surprisingly vast, with various biomes to explore and materials to harvest. Some things are easy to come by, such as Fertilizer or wood, but for others such as Knotroot, you’ll need upgraded tools to be able to collect them. So with that in mind, here’s how to make Wool Fabric in Lego Fortnite. 

How to make Wool Fabric 

Acquiring wool is the easy part of making Wool Fabric, since this can be gathered by petting sheep. Yes, that’s right—you don’t have to kill or shear them, you just need to run up to them and press the E key. It can take a few attempts to get yourself lined up so that the prompt appears and this is made a little more difficult by sheep generally being skittish, but you shouldn’t have any trouble collecting as much wool as you need.

Once you have the wool, you need a Spinning Wheel to turn it into Wool Thread, and then a Loom to turn that into the final product: Wool Fabric. The Loom is one of the more complicated crafting stations to build as it requires some resources from the desert biome. 

Here’s what you need to make one:

Nine Flexwood: This resource is found by chopping down the tall cacti in the desert biome, though you’ll need a Rare Axe to do so.Nine Flexwood Rods: You can craft these rods at your Lumber Mill using Flexwood.Six Sand Claws: These are dropped by Sand Wolves in the desert biome or on beaches. These wolves are more difficult to defeat than those found in the grasslands so be careful.

Once you have the materials to craft your Loom, set it up at your base. You’ll need five Wool Threads to create one piece of Wool Fabric. 

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