How to get Cut Amber in Lego Fortnite

Locating Cut Amber in Lego Fortnite is a little challenging if you’re not all that used to survival games. First, you’ll need to find the material it’s made from, Rough Amber, and then you’ll have to refine that further in order to make Cut Amber. This material is used for making rarer upgrades and buildings such as the Essence Table.

Another material you’ll need around this point is Flexwood, but if you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, you’re probably still searching for Knotroot. Whatever point you’re at, here’s how to get Cut Amber in Lego Fortnite.

Lego Fortnite Cut Amber location

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You can spot Rough Amber outcrops on the cliffs in the desert biome (Image credit: Epic Games)

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Use the geysers to get up high and reach them (Image credit: Epic Games)

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Mine the Rough Amber with an Uncommon Pickaxe (Image credit: Epic Games)

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Build the Gem Cutter after you’ve got some Rough Amber to make Cut Amber (Image credit: Epic Games)

To get yourself some Cut Amber, you first need to gather Rough Amber in order to make it. You can find this shiny material on rocky outcrops in the desert biome, but you’ll need the Uncommon Pickaxe if you want to harvest it. Rough Amber is generally found up high, on those cliffs you can spot all over the desert—the easiest way to climb these is to jump in one of the geysers scattered around and launch yourself up onto them.

Once up there, simply mine the shiny stones to grab some Rough Amber, and also unlock the Gem Cutter device. You’ll need to build one of these back at camp if you want to produce Cut Amber. 

To make the Gem Cutter, you need:

20 Marble Slabs: You can mine Marble in caves with the Uncommon Pickaxe and turn it into Marble Slabs via building the Stone Breaker device.Five Rough Amber: As mentioned, you can mine this on top of cliffs in the desert biome with the Uncommon Pickaxe.Five Sand Wolf Claws: These come from killing the sandy counterparts to the regular wolf enemies, in the desert. They are tough, so make sure to perfect your dodge.Three Sand Roller Shells: Same as above, but for the desert variant of the Roller enemies. Make sure to dodge their first rolling attack then smack away at them.

Once you’ve built the Gem Cutter in your camp, you can produce Cut Amber for every one Rough Amber you have. 

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