How To Get the Prophet’s Cape in Risk of Rain: Returns

Here’s how to get the Prophet’s Cape in Risk of Rain: Returns.

You can only unlock special items in Risk of Rain: Returns by completing a set of prerequisites called Achievements. One of the items you can unlock through Achievements is the Prophet’s Cape – an item that can significantly improve your survivability in Risk of Rain: Returns.

We will walk you through everything you need about the Prophet’s Cape and how to unlock the item in Risk of Rain: Returns.

Prophet’s Cape Bug and Robomando

Before you try to unlock the Prophet’s Cape, you must know that it is currently bugged and will likely cause your game to crash when picked up during a run where you activate the secret character, Robomando. 

If you or a party member picks up the Prophet’s Cape during your Robomando unlock run, you will instantly fail the unlock process because the Prophet’s Cape will crash the game when you die to the Robomando. 

Unlocking the Robomando is a long and grueling process, and while dying to the Robomando is an essential part of the process, crashing before you can claim the Robomando in the summary menu will render your run invalid. Picking up a Prophet’s Cape during your Robomando unlock run always causes the game to crash after you die to the Robomando, so keep that in mind.

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How to Get the Prophet’s Cape in Risk of Rain: Returns

You can get the Prophet’s Cape after you complete the Close Calls achievement in Risk of Rain: Returns. To get Close Calls, you must dodge seven lethal attacks while playing as the Commando in your current or next run.

The easiest way to force lethal attacks from enemies is by setting the Damage Taken slider to 999%, which guarantees most enemy attacks become powerful enough to kill you in one blow.

With the damaged slider set to max, use the Commando’s Tactical Dive ability to dodge incoming enemy attacks. Watch out for the “Immune” pop-up text, as the label tells you whether you dodged enemy attacks successfully. Do this seven times to get Close Calls and unlock the Prophet’s Cape. 

If enemies on a maxed-out Damage Taken slider are too challenging, you can go into a Normal run and take damage from enemies until you’re one hit away from dying. When you’re in a low-HP state, enemy attacks will also count as lethal, so using Tactical Dive to dodge these attacks while having low HP will still count.

What is the Prophet’s Cape for in Risk of Rain: Returns?

An exquisite piece from the War of 2019! Unlike all the fakes, it has a perfectly knit pattern that allegedly caused the prophet’s followers to see their visions. I think it’s just ‘magic’ pseudo-science nonsense, but it’s a truly awe-inspiring piece that belongs in your exhibition.

The Prophet’s Cape is an unlockable item in Risk of Rain: Returns. It belongs to the Uncommon Tier under the Healing Category. Prophet’s Cape can briefly block all incoming damage upon being struck. Damage blocked with Prophet’s Cape equipped also heals you for three health. The item’s effect has a recharge time of 15 seconds. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the Prophet’s Cape is easy since you can cheese your way through the Close Calls achievement using the Commando’s Tactical Dive at the right moment while fighting maxed-out enemies. Just make sure you set the Damage Taken slider to the max to ensure all enemy attacks become lethal, and keep an eye out for the Immune text to check whether you successfully dodged lethal attacks. Do this seven times to unlock the Prophet’s Cape in Risk of Rain: Returns.

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