From Coquette to the Cheetah Classic, here are all the GTA 6 cars we spotted in the trailer

It may be a little early for an official GTA 6 cars list but there’s nothing stopping us from scrutinising every frame from the new trailer to see if we can spot any familiar vehicles.

While you might have other questions about GTA 6, such as the characters you can play, whether radio stations will be replaced by playlists, and how big the map is, it eventually all comes back to the cars you can drive around in. Whether that’s speeding away from cops, cruising to some tunes along the beachfront, or simply getting from Point A to Point B, knowing ahead of time which vehicles you might expect to see helps bring the game to life in your mind, even if we’re not getting a PC release any time soon.

So if you’re ready to jump on the hype train—or slam your foot on the accelerator if you’re already on it—here are the GTA 6 cars we think we’ve spotted so far.

Every GTA 6 car we’ve spotted so far

To be clear, these cars still need to be confirmed for GTA 6. Some of them appear very briefly and you don’t always get to see all the details that would allow you to conclusively identify the make and model. Still, it’s fun to see how many familiar cars you think you can spot: 

I’ve listed the ones I’ve identified below, in the order they appear in the trailer.

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