Corsair launches its first gaming desk, and it’s a beauty

Who doesn’t enjoy a good sit? Just plonk yourself down into a nice cushioned office chair, hear that release of air from its foamy interior, pull up to your desk, and get gaming. Unfortunately, like so many mainstays of today’s world, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that our sedentary lifestyles aren’t so healthy, and that the best way to be at a desk is to mix things up between sitting, standing, balancing on a Swedish medicine ball, you name it.

Enter Corsair. For generations, the company has been making high-end hardware both external and internal to your PC—everything from headphones and gaming mice, to RAM and PSUs—but now they’ve set their sights on the area around your PC with their first ever computer desk: the Corsair Platform:6.

The desk comes in fixed-height and adjustable-height (29″ – 48″) varieties, with an LED readout display and several memory presets, so with the press of a button you can shift the desk between sitting, standing, and, say, cycling positions if you have one of those fancy under-desk bike machines. Powered by dual electric motors, the Platform:6 will set your desk to your ideal height in seconds.

(Image credit: Corsair)

At 6ft wide, this can also be extended using this kit Platform:6 Desk – Desk Extensions and Side Peg Boards Kit, Wood, Dark Stain ( All versions of the desk easily accommodate a dual-screen setup, and even encourage it with their dual monitor arms, which let you elegantly mount your monitors (up to 32″ each, or a single 34″ ultrawide) for that ‘floating screen’ look. The aluminium rail system is there to be mounted with myriad streamer-friendly accessories, such as lighting, cameras, boom microphones, and whatever other doodads you have to bolster your stream production. 

With a discreet cable management tray tucked away on the underside of the desk, the Platform:6 will keep your tabletop looking slick and cable-free, while in-desk USB ports stand ready to charge up your USB type-A and type-C devices.

All three editions of the desk have all the above features, but if you go for the flagship Creator Edition of the Platform:6, you’ll get to enjoy the extra convenience and luxury of the Elgato Multi Frame. This impressive aluminium wall rises up behind your monitor, giving you more versatility when it comes to mounting accessories, and lets you display your game controllers, keyboards, headphones, and more for everyone to see. It really elevates your PC gaming setup, giving it the feel of a shrine to gaming as you adorn it with all your peripherals (Corsair does those too, remember?).

(Image credit: Corsair)

Coming in Black Laminate and Solid Rubberwood finishes, the Platform:6 will integrate with whatever room you put it in—whether it’s a dedicated gaming den or a trendy mid-century-style lounge. You can buy the desk at the official Corsair UK and Corsair US websites, and while you’re there, take a look at Corsair’s other products; you’re going to need accessories to fill up that Elgato Multi-Frame, after all…

To keep up with the action at Corsair, follow them on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, or tune in on YouTube and Twitch.

Sitting, standing, or somewhere in between, Corsair has got your back.

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