Top 6 Pirate Board Games 2023: Set Sail for Adventure

Ahoy there, mateys! Are you yearning for the thrilling life of a pirate from the comfort of your tabletop? Set sail with us as we navigate through a treasure trove of pirate board games that promise rollicking adventures, bounteous loot, and hours of jolly fun for all kinds of buccaneers. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor of the board gaming seas or a landlubber looking to dip your toes into the waters, pirate-themed games are soaring in popularity, offering diverse experiences that are both engaging and full of swashbuckling spirit.

From battling skeletal crews aboard ghostly ships to outmaneuvering fellow pirates for the richest haul, these games capture the essence of piracy and adventure. They challenge players with strategy, intrigue, and perilous jaunts across the high seas. So, grab your compass and your cutlass—let’s embark on a voyage to discover which pirate board game will have you and your crew hoisting the Jolly Roger and setting course for an unforgettable escapade!

Navigate the High Seas with These Top Pirate Board Games

The allure of the pirate life has long captivated imaginations, and the tabletop realm is no exception. Pirate board games whisk us away to a world of adventure, where treasure maps and nautical escapades abound. So, if you’re itching to commandeer a galleon, parley with scurvy sea dogs, or walk the plank in style, we’ve got just the treasure trove of recommendations for you.

Forgotten Waters

Forgotten Waters beckons with the allure of collaboration among scallywags and the unparalleled thrill of a personalized narrative. Each player contributes to a crew of pirates, forging their unique paths across a mythical sea. The integrated crossroads app steers the tale, with choices that unravel into unforeseen consequences, ensuring you’re always on the edge of your seat.

Envision an expansive world teeming with fantastical creatures and cursed islands, all rendered with an art style that plunges you into a richly detailed realm. A cacophony of pirate voices from your trusty app fill the air, complementing every twist of the tale with ambient soundscapes. Whether it’s your maiden voyage or you’re a stalwart of the seven seas, Forgotten Waters is a treasure chest brimming with storied adventures you won’t soon forget.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Imagine the creaking timbers of a haunted ship as the scent of gunpowder fills the air. Dead Men Tell No Tales immerses players in a world where teamwork is key, and victory hinges on your ability to quell fires, defeat undead marauders, and snag precious bounties from the jaws of peril. It’s a race against an unyielding inferno that transforms the game into a pressure cooker of strategic decisions.

Players brave the smoldering decks, snatch treasures, and leverage their pirate’s unique abilities to brave the perils. Strategy and cooperation interlace perfectly, drawing players deep into the lore and suspense of this nail-biting sea saga. Dead Men Tell No Tales stands out as a game where players can feel the heat of the moment and the satisfaction of a well-plundered ship.

Merchants and Marauders

If you’ve ever fantasized about carving out your empire on the high seas, Merchants and Marauders casts you into an open world ripe with endless possibilities. Engage in exhilarating combat, cunning trade, and looting galore—charting your path to infamy and wealth. Adopt the role of a crafty merchant or a fearsome pirate; the choice is yours, and the seas are teeming with opportunity.

The game promises a dynamic blend of action and strategy where your next encounter could lead to prosperity or peril. Choose your ship, load the cannons, and let the winds of fortune guide your fate. Merchants and Marauders is your chance to embody the true spirit of a pirate, with a horizon that’s always calling for new adventures.

15 Men

Piracy isn’t just about the seas; it’s also a matter of cunning and guile. Enter 15 Men, a competitive romp through treachery and mutiny. It’s a cutthroat world where loyalty is a rare gem, and you’re just as likely to find a blade at your back as a chest of gold at your feet. Every player schemes for the captain’s hoard, but only one can claim the title of the craftiest pirate.

Manipulate, bluff, and parley your way to supremacy. The high stakes and fast-paced gameplay make every round a thrilling contest of wits and wills. In 15 Men, a well-timed betrayal can be as impactful as the broadside of a ship, and trust is the rarest treasure of all. This pirate board game isn’t very well known, but we’re sure your family of board gamers will love it if you give it a chance.


For those who favor the ebb and flow of deep, reflective gameplay, Maracaibo plunges players into the historical age of Caribbean piracy. Navigate the waters as privateers, sailors, and adventurers, engaging in complex card-driven duels of tactics and strategy. The game stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of piracy—encompassing combat, exploration, and influence.

Boasting a cornucopia of scenarios, your journey through Maracaibo is never the same twice, promising a bounty of replayable adventures that will test even the most seasoned strategist. This is where the richness of the age of sail meets the cunning of pirate warfare, resulting in a board game experience like no other.

Ascension: Curse of the Golden Isles

In the genre-bending Ascension: Curse of the Golden Isles, the world-renowned deck-building mechanics of Ascension meet the bracing, wave-tossed life of a pirate. The game seamlessly incorporates classic elements—ship management, skirmishes, and island discovery—into a rapidly evolving play area. It’s a battle of influence, domination, and deck-composition on the canvas of the high seas.

Ascension: Curse of the Golden Isles is a testament to innovation, welcoming both dedicated aficionados and greenhorns to wield their cards with maritime mastery. With every draw, you’re charting a course through treacherous waters, where your cunning and strategic foresight are the sails that propel you to dominance or disaster.

Hasbro’s Risk Junior

Whether ye be a landlubber or a seasoned sea dog, the time has come to chart your course for adventure with Hasbro Gaming’s Risk Junior! This Amazon-exclusive treasure is a perfect first mate for kids embarking on the timeless voyage of the classic game of Risk. Designed for little pirates aged 5 and up, this version offers a simplified, thrilling introduction to the art of strategy. Get ready to gather a crew of 2 to 4 players and claim the riches that await across the islands!

Risk Junior opens the gates to a world of swashbuckling fun with a delightful pirate theme that’s sure to shiver ye timbers. Young adventurers will navigate their colorful pirate ships across the board with one goal in mind: treasure! By competing for control of the islands dotting the vast oceans, each player seeks to expand their influence and gather a hoard worthy of pirate legends.

Pirate Board Games: Choosing the Perfect Adventure

With so many riveting pirate board games to choose from, striking gold has never been easier. Each game offers a distinct flavor of piracy—whether it’s the narrative-driven gameplay of Forgotten Waters, the robust strategy of Merchants and Marauders, or the fast-paced excitement of Loot. There’s a treasure out there for every would-be pirate, promising intrigue, discovery, and plenty of plank-walking fun.

Weigh your options, consider the crew you’ll be bringing aboard, and chart a course for the game that will send spirits soaring with the cry of “Yo ho ho!” Gather your mates, grab some Pirate Board Games, and prepare to embark on an epic journey across the tabletop seas. Share tales of your bravest exploits, and let us know in the comments which game has you anchoring in for a night of adventure. Now raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, and let the winds of fortune guide you to your next beloved game. May your gaming nights be full of rum, roars, and a bounty of fun—happy sailing!

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