How to solve the Eurac V laboratory puzzle in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Rogue Trader laboratory puzzle on Eurac V is one of the first you encounter in the 40k CRPG. Shortly after the prologue, you’ll head to this Navis Nobilite station in the hopes of recruiting a navigator to replace the one who got melted while helping your ship escape the warp. 

In the course crafting a control rod to gain access to the upper floors, you’ll find a mysterious laboratory where you can use the ingredients you’ve been picking up throughout the station. While there are clues to the correct recipes scattered around, they can be pretty hard to parse. Here’s how to solve the Eurac V lab puzzle and the recipes you can make.

How to solve the Eurac V laboratory puzzle

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Make sure to grind the Psi-Crystal and Adamantium in the Transducer (Image credit: Owlcat Games)

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Slot each of the materials in then activate the machine (Image credit: Owlcat Games)

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Grab your reward from the tank to the right of the machine once done (Image credit: Owlcat Games)

There are two recipes you can create in the laboratory of the Navis Nobilite station using materials you find throughout the area. If you’re missing any of the ones mentioned, simply check your map for the yellow box and eagle symbol that marks container locations. Most of them are in the room adjacent to the lab.

Also make sure to use the Transducer device in the corner to grind your Psy-Crystal into Crystal Dust, and your Adamantium into Adamantium Dust. You do this by placing the material in there, waiting as the screen goes black, and then taking the final product.

Otherwise, here’s what you need to place in each of the Laboratory Flasks and the Data-Crypt Connector, plus what each recipe gives you:

Tissue Flask: Mutated Flesh SampleCatalyst Flask: BiogelReagent Flask: Crystal DustData Crypt Connector:  H-41-OK

Once all ingredients are slotted in, interact with the button at the centre. After a short pause, you can collect six Adaptive Antidot from the container to the right. This item grants immunity to Toxic damage until the end of combat.

The second recipe you can use is:

Tissue Flask: Flesh SampleCatalyst Flask: Unidentified AcidReagent Flask: Adamantium DustData Crypt Connector:  K-04-OH

Again, press the interact button to cook all that up, and you’ll get six Elixir of Warp Neutrality, which grants immunity to warp damage until the end of combat. If you explored the station fully and grabbed all of the ingredients, you’ve probably realised you have enough for one more recipe. Sadly, this just makes the device explode and doesn’t give you anything extra.

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