How to solve the Electrodynamic Cenobium riddle in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Rogue Trader Electrodynamic Cenobium riddle is one of the trickier puzzles in the starting system. While scouring the Mechanicus temple on Rykad Minoris for heretics, you happen upon a console servitor who asks you to recite the First Galvanic Hymn, promising a reward if you can prove yourself a worthy pilgrim. 

You’ll have to choose three phrases correctly from multiple dialogue options. Usually, that wouldn’t be so bad, but because of the number of choices available, trial and error-ing your way to a solution would take a really long time. Instead, here’s how to solve the riddle and recite the First Galvanic Hymn correctly for your prize.

How to recite the First Galvanic Hymn

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You’ve got to recite three correct phrases to the servitor (Image credit: Owlcat Games)

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The reward is the Arc Rifle and Pinpointing Visor (Image credit: Owlcat Games)

When you first approach the Data-Altar of Sacred Analysis in the Mechanicus temple, it will explain that there are “gifts hidden behind the veil of knowledge” that will be revealed to you if you can recite the First Galvanic Hymn. 

This is a call and answer dialogue between you and the servitor, requiring you to choose correctly three times from a selection of phrases in order to earn your loot. 

The phrases you need to recite in order are:

“… the Omnissiah, from whom the holy discharge springeth forth””… the arcane key that closeth the circuit””…the immortal reason that hath created the spark”

An easier way to remember this is as dialogue options 2/5/4. Once you’ve said all three, the servitor will be pleased and open the wall to reveal a chest containing the Arc Rifle and the Pinpointing Visor. The first lets you electrocute multiple enemies if they’re close to each other when you attack, while the visor grants +15% critical hit chance against enemies with less than 50% wounds left, which is extremely good. You’ll also get some cargo for your ship.

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