Wondering how to respec in The Last Faith?  

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As you kill enemies and progress through The Last Faith, you will eventually collect a healthy amount of Necrux – a currency you can use to boost Eryk’s Attributes. While using Necrux to boost stats around your chosen Combat Style is safer, having the ability to respec Eryk and redistribute his Attribute points will allow him to perform at his best in any situation.

So, how do you respec in The Last Faith? We will answer that in this quick guide.

Can you Respec In The Last Faith?

Unfortunately, you cannot respec in The Last Faith. You can only build Eryk’s stats one way right now, as there is no way to reset or reallocate stat points in the current version of the game.

The good news is that plans to add respec in The Last Faith have already been confirmed. When asked about respec in a Steam Community post, the Last Faith official Steam account replied: “There is no reset stat option… yet, but the team is planning to add the feature post-launch.” 

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The lack of respec options at launch in The Last Fight is a bummer, as you’ll inevitably be locked into one type of build for Eryk throughout your playthrough. The good news is that the devs have confirmed their plans to add Respec to the game, which means you’ll soon be able to reset Eryk’s stats and redistribute them to suit specific builds in the game.

When will The Last Faith get Respec?

There is no ETA on respec for The Last Faith, as the developers focus on other game problems before adding the in-game option. 

Image Credits: The Inhuman One

In a Steam community post, The Last Faith official account replied to a question from the community regarding the ETA for the stat reset (respec) option in The Last Faith. When asked: “Do we have any ETA for the reset option yet?” The Last Faith official Steam account replied: “Not yet, I’m afraid. The team is now focused on patching critical bugs.”

The lack of a specific date for the arrival of respec means you’ll have to wait for future announcements from the devs through the Steam Community or the official The Last Faith Discord server.

All The Last Faith Attributes

The Combat Style you choose at the start of The Last Faith affects stats and Attribute growth as you level up in the game. As you progress through the game and kill enough monsters, you amass Nycrux – a currency you can use to improve the stats of your choice in The Last Faith.

There are five unique Attributes in the game, and each Attribute affects Eryk’s proficiency in battle. Knowing each Attribute’s effect is important so you can build Eryk according to your preferred weapons and playstyle.

Vitality – Increases Max HP, as well as Physical and Blood stats.

Strength – Increases damage output, but only on weapons that benefit from the Strength Attribute. Increases Frost defense.

Dexterity – Increases damage output like Strength, but only on weapons that benefit from the Dexterity Attribute. Also increases Fire defense.

Mind – Increases Max Mana Pool. It increases damage output like Strength and dexterity but only on weapons that benefit from the mind attribute. Also increases Dark defense.

Instinct – Increases the damage of all ranged-based attacks. Also increases damage output similar to Strength, Dexterity, and Mind, but only on weapons that benefit from the Instinct Attribute. Increases Fate Pool.

As mentioned, there is currently no way to redistribute the points you have already assigned to any of these five Attributes in The Last Faith, so spending those Necrux wisely is best. You’ll have to wait for an update that adds the respec feature to reset Eryk’s Attributes and try new builds.

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Final Thoughts

Not having the option to respec is not the end of the world in The Last Faith. Plenty of weapons to choose from in-game, so you should have no problems completing the game even without the ability to redistribute points to other Attributes.

However, respec should give The Last Faith’s combat more depth, as the ability to redistribute points to other Attributes opens up a world of possibilities in terms of character builds. Fortunately, the devs have confirmed their plans to add the feature in the future, so it’s only a matter of time before you can finally reset Eryk’s stats and build him in a completely new way in The Last Faith.

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