Here’s when you can watch the GTA 6 trailer in your time zone

It’s been a long wait—over ten years—but our first official look at Grand Theft Auto 6 is nearly here. Rockstar Games will reveal the first trailer for GTA 6 on Tuesday, December 4 on YouTube.

We probably shouldn’t be calling it GTA 6, by the way—Rockstar Games hasn’t officially named it that yet, instead calling it “the next Grand Theft Auto.” So that’s at least one exciting detail we’ll learn when the trailer arrives on Tuesday: what the flippin’ game is actually called.

What else can we expect from the 91 second trailer we’re about to see? Probably a voice over from one of the protagonists, a nice look at the Miami, Florida setting, and no doubt a bit of action—perhaps even the theft of a car or two. And of course we’re hoping for a release date, along with confirmation that GTA will launch on PC and console simultaneously

Fingers crossed! Here’s when you can watch the first GTA 6 trailer in your time zone.

GTA 6 trailer date and time

The GTA 6 trailer will air on Tuesday, December 5. Look for your time zone below:

6 am PT, December 5 (Los Angeles)9 am ET, December 5 (New York)2 pm GMT, December 5 (London)3 pm CET, December 5 (Warsaw)10 pm HKT, December 5 (Hong Kong)1 am AET, December 6 (Sydney)

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