Fortnite is adding a Lego-themed survival crafting mode that includes Lego versions of over 1200 pre-existing skins

In addition to Fortnite’s transition to its fifth chapter, Epic has revealed a collaboration with Lego to introduce a new Lego-themed survival crafting mode⁠ for the long-running battle royale—including minifig versions of many pre-existing skins⁠—coming December 7.

Details are sparse on what Lego Fortnite actually entails⁠—the Lego website describes it like a separate game, but my guess is that it will be covered by the Fortnite launcher. You can view the minifig versions of skins in-game already, but they are not usable in Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The Lego FAQ advises to expect more details with the game’s launch on December 7, and it describes Lego Fortnite as “the ultimate survival crafting adventure.”

The special Lego Fortnite skins, meanwhile, are pretty impressive: full-on minifig caricatures of over 1,200 skins already in Fortnite, with more promised on the way. You have to imagine that reinterpreting a skin into simplified minifig form is easier than making a new one altogether, but it’s still an impressive lift by Epic’s art team all the same. You have to imagine that this will also see an accompanying physical Lego set tie-in coming to store shelves.

Digital Trends cited Fortnite as having around 1,600 skins total in June of this year, so Epic is mighty close to having the entire library Lego-ized. In addition to getting new skins into the mode, Epic has also stated that some Lego skins will see revisions and added detail as time goes on. Meanwhile, we don’t have to wait long to find out what this new Lego-themed mode entails.

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