Can You Sell Furniture in Lethal Company? – Answered

Are you looking to sell furniture in Lethal Company for extra cash?

Lethal Company’s objectives revolve around collecting and selling scrap on abandoned moons to meet company quotas. Collecting scrap lets you progress in-game and add money to your pockets, so you can purchase additional tools, such as the Walkie-talkie and Flashlight, to improve your chances of survival in the wild.

Tools aren’t the only things you can buy using your hard-earned money in Lethal Company – you can also purchase furniture, also known as ship decor, to give your ship a personal touch. Buying furniture is easy and can be done through the in-game computer, but can you sell furniture after you’ve already purchased it in Lethal Company? Read on to find out.

What is furniture, and can you sell it at Lethal Company?

Unfortunately, you cannot sell furniture in Lethal Company. Furniture can only be purchased, stored, or moved around within the ship; you cannot sell them for profit.

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Furniture in Lethal Company is called ship decor. Ship Decors are items you can purchase through the computer and use to customize your ship’s aesthetics. Below is a list of all the furniture in Lethal Company and their purchase prices.

Jack-o-Lantern: 50 Credits

Green Suit: 60 Credits

Table: 70 Credits

Hazard Suit: 90 Credits

Romantic Table: 120 Credits

Television: 130 Creidts

Cozy Lights: 140 Credits

Toilet: 150 Credits

Record Player: 170 Credits

Shower: 180 Credits

Aside from ship decor, your ship will have a few other furniture-like objects such as the File Cabinet, Light Switch, Bunk Beds, Cup Board, and The Terminal. These items can also be considered furniture, are part of your ship, and are therefore not sellable. You can, however, move these furniture around or store them in the computer.

All Scrap Items You Can Sell in Lethal Company

Since you cannot sell furniture, you’ll have to turn to scrap items to get money from Lethal Company. Collecting scrap is Lethal Company’s primary objective. Not only do you have to collect a specific number of scraps to reach company quotas, but you can also sell them to make extra money for other items.

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There are a ton of scraps and other items you can collect and sell for profits in the game. Some examples include the Dust Pan, Steering Wheel, and Egg Beater, to name a few. Below is a list of all the scrap items you can collect in-game and their sale price.

Scrap ItemsApproximate ValueKey3 creditsMetal Sheet16 creditsCandy21 creditsHairbrush22 creditsDust Pan22 creditsSteering Wheel24 creditsCookie Mold Pan26 creditsBig Bolt26 creditsYield Sign27 creditsPill Bottle28 creditsEgg Beater28 creditsToothpaste31 creditsToy Cube34 creditsRemote34 creditsFish Toy34 creditsCoffee Mug35 creditsStop Sign36 creditsV-Type Engine38 creditsTea Kettle44 creditsPickle Jar46 creditsMug46 creditsCog46 creditsLarge Axle48 creditsBottles50 creditsRubber Ducky51 creditsMagnifying Glass52 creditsRed Soda54 creditsMagic Ball54 creditsOld Phone56 creditsChemical Jug58 creditsGolden Cup60 creditsClown Horn62 creditsAir horn62 creditsBrass Bell64 creditsTeeth65 creditsWedding Ring66 creditsLaser Pointer66 creditsFancy Ring66 creditsToy Robot72 creditsDentures72 creditsPerfume Bottle76 creditsHairdryer80 creditsApparatus80 creditsPainting92 creditsFancy Lamp94 creditsBee Hive100 creditsCash Register120 creditsGold Bar156 credits

It is worth noting that the value for each scrap type will differ from location to location. The values listed above are simply the approximate values you can expect to get when selling specific types of scrap in-game.

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Final Thoughts

If you were looking to sell extra furniture to make some extra money, you’re out of luck – there is no way to sell furniture or ship decor in Lethal Company. You can, however, move ship decor or furniture around to suit your needs, or you can even store them in the computer to make more room in your ship.

Scrap Items are the only type of items you can sell for profit in Lethal Company. The good news is that finding scrap around the game shouldn’t be too difficult, especially when you’re playing with three other players in online multiplayer mode.

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