The Halo show’s second season is coming in February, and it’s teasing an actual, you know, Halo

Paramount+ has released the first trailer for the next season of its Halo series, which begins streaming on February 8. While the first season was light on actual Halo arrays, we did get to see the Chief’s face, as well as a groundbreaking introduction to his love life.

The trailer’s pretty slick, channeling those Halo 3 Believe ads or the ODST live action stuff⁠—you know, “we go to our deaths space marines, but we will be remembered.” If the Covenant war was ever going well for humanity, things look pretty bleak now, with a fleet destroying human cities and “glassing” an unknown planet.

Our Spartan friends are doing the Spartan things you might expect⁠: shielding civilians from explosions with their bodies, doing battle with Elites, though I’m not sure what the deal is with all the people in robes watching what seems to be a ritual cremation partway through the trailer.

The end features a teaser of the real reason for the season: an actual got dang Halo array floating in space, something that was promised at the end of season one. You know what I didn’t see though? Master Chief having sex.

The seal is already broken, da Chief has already lost his virginity. Where do we go from here? How do we escalate? There are some interesting fan theories absent from current Halo lore that the showrunners could turn to, but I don’t know if they have that courage. These are the thoughts which will continue to haunt me as I turn away from my PC at the end of the workday to face my family. I must wait until February 8 to find out.

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