Fortnite’s 2018 throwback map was so popular, Epic’s bringing it back again next year (after blowing it up)

Fortnite’s OG throwback season ended with a literal bang today, as Epic’s Chapter 5 event wiped the slate to replace it with a new one tomorrow after scheduled maintenance⁠—a cycle of eternal recurrence not unlike that central to several religions. Never fear though, nostalgia addicts: as reported by Eurogamer, Epic Games has promised to break the wheel of fate and bring the throwback map back once again next year.

It seems like a no-brainer: despite being unseated as the dominant cultural force among little nephews and cousins the world over by Roblox, Fortnite just turned in a record-setting season off the back of its throwback map, which provided a nostalgic mishmash of guns and geography from the battle royale’s first big year. Even the prodigal Tyler “Ninja” Blevins returned to the island to see what was up.

“Ngl the OG season far exceeded our expectations,” the official Fortnite account confided via Twitter. “So much so we’d like to bring it back.. *opens* 2024 roadmap doc*” it continued, implying one of next year’s seasons will see the mode’s return. “In the meantime, see you on the Battle Bus 🤙” Even Fortnite’s social media marketing carries a strong little cousin energy.

Regardless, it’s exciting news. The OG season was a shot in the arm for the king of battle royales, and we had to wonder how Epic was going to build on a success that was inherently backwards-facing. In the meantime, we’ll see what form the island next takes after Fortnite’s regular Chapter-ending maintenance.

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