Can You Play With Randoms in Lethal Company? – Answered

Is it possible to play with randoms in Lethal Company?

Zeekerss’ Lethal Company is arguably the most popular co-op indie horror game of Q4 2023. Played from a first-person perspective, Lethal Company features a post-apocalyptic setting where players collect scrap from various locations while solving puzzles and fighting monsters.

While the game is enjoyable in single-player, Lethal Company also features an online multiplayer mode that lets you team up with up to three other players. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t always have their buddies around to play with them, you’re probably wondering whether you can play with randoms in Lethal Company. We will answer that question in this quick guide.

Can you play with randoms in Lethal Company?

Yes, you can play with randoms in Lethal Company. You’ll likely play with randoms frequently, as Lethal Company does not have a matchmaking feature that automatically puts players in a premade party. You’ll have to manually browse the in-game server list and choose the server you want to join. 

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Many of these servers will have random players just waiting for more players to fill the lobby so they can finally start a game, so unless you create and host your server and ask your friends to join you, you’ll more than likely be playing with randoms most of the time in Lethal Company.

How does Matchmaking work in Lethal Company?

Lethal Company does not have a matchmaking feature – players host their servers and invite/wait for other players to join before starting a game or join an open server and play with randoms. Players can only join before the game starts, but they can leave anytime – even after the game has started.

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You can create a server by choosing Online > Host > Confirm. After you’ve created the server, you can choose to make the server public or private. If you’re hosting a server for your friends, it is best to set it to private, so other players won’t accidentally join your server.

However, unless your friends are always online and ready to play, you’ll often find yourself with randoms on open servers. You can quickly join servers by selecting Online > Join a crew > choosing and joining the server of your choice.

Final Thoughts

While playing Lethal Company alone can still be fun, the game’s fun factor makes a huge jump when playing with a crew. However, because the game does not have a matchmaking system that automatically puts players together in a premade party, you’ll often find yourself hosting your servers or joining others’ servers with randoms.

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