Persona 5 Royal has great mods, but can the same be said for Persona 5 Tactica?

Persona 5 from P-Studio was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the most celebrated JRPGs ever made, with a fuller Persona 5 Royal coming out in 2019. This year sees the release of the strategized version of the game with Persona 5 Tactica, and many fans are just having fun jumping back into the world of the Metaverse with a whole new story for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

What is Persona 5 Tactica?

Persona 5 Tactica occurs sometime in the middle of the first Persona 5 game. The Phantom Thieves will find themselves once again thrust into the Metaverse, but this time, they’ll have to team up with new character Erina as they go up against a new brand of enemy called the Legionnaires.

As the title Tactica suggests, the Persona 5 gameplay loop has been put through the strategy genre machine and now has a new kind of gameplay that will have players going up against enemies in turn-based battles. Not only will they have to juggle powers, but they’ll also have to make good use of the terrain and all kinds of hazards littered around every location.

Since this is a JRPG, Tactica also promises extensive skill trees and weapon customization. They’ve also added a new system where you can equip subpersonas on certain characters and even fuse them to form whole new personas dealing with unique attacks.

Tactica may not get the same praise as the original Persona 5, but many franchise fans have enjoyed the game and are having fun with a whole new story set in the Metaverse with the Phantom Thieves.

Best Mods for Persona 5 Royal

Since Persona 5 Royal is playable on PC, it would make sense that mods would be made to enhance the overall gaming experience. Most of the mods made for Persona 5 have been all about adding cosmetics or enhancing the color grading.

As of now, some of the top mods for Persona 5 include:

Persona 5 Royal NG PLUS Save (by zoezham) – This is a new game+ save that has all the items and personas unlocked.

Cinematic Royal Vision – True Colors (by GokulSenpai) – Promises the “most cinematic” experience for Persona 5 players, with Royal Vision bringing out the “true colors” of the game.

Persona 5 Royal Reshade Shader Preset (by eeee181292) – Disables anti-aliasing in the game and adds ray tracing and reflections.

P5T Cut-ins (by DniweTamp) bring elements from Tactica into the original Persona 5 Royal game. The mod takes the animated cut-ins from Tactica and adds them to fights in P5R for that extra dash of visuals during battle.

Restored Outfits Dialogue (by chloropylls) – This mod essentially brings a deleted element from the original to the game, with the characters commenting on their new outfits. This mechanic was buried in the game, and the mod seeks to return it.

Early Violet (by Kris!, Meovvcat, and AnimatedSwine37) – This mod unlocks Violet earlier in the game and will have her joining the Phantom Thieves during the Cruise Palace arc. Her moveset will be rebalanced for your party’s earlier abilities and restored when you get to her natural introduction in the game.

Pokémon as Personas V1 (by Ercar) – The title is exactly as it sounds; this mod changes the appearance of the Personas in the game to become Pokemon. Depending on what you have installed, there are two different options for this mod, and you can check out the details in the link.

Final Fantasy Outfits (by Ercar) – Changes the outfits of the Phantom Thieves so they’ll be dressed like fan-favorite characters from Final Fantasy (and not just FF7).

Markiplier Persona (by Ercar) – Replaces the Vishnu Persona with none other than internet celebrity Markiplier.

Of course, players have several other mods to check out, like the Phantom Thieves getting outfits from Pokemon or the music getting randomized in the game. Some modders even go so far as to add customized levels in Persona 5, just adding more exciting things to the Metaverse.

You can visit Nexus Mods and GameBanana to look at more available mods.

With Persona 5 Royal having such an extensive list of mods and enhancements to the original game, some fans wonder…

Does Persona 5 Tactica have Mods?

Sadly, there are still no mods for Persona 5 Tactica. With the game just recently released, it could take time for modders to get their hands on it and be able to do all the kinds of enhancements to it as they did with Persona 5.

Looking to the Future

With players having found multiple things to add to the original Persona 5 game, it’s only a matter of time before we get some mods for Tactica in a few months.

Already, there are some requests from the modding community when it comes to Tactica; this one is asking for someone to mod the music from the original game so they can use it whenever there’s a battle encounter in Tactica.

With Persona 5 being a franchise that relies so heavily on style and music, it wouldn’t be surprising if mods got made to add original artwork from Persona 5 into Tactica; the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt aesthetic isn’t for everyone.

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